Elon Musk has just sent an important email to his teams. The CEO of Tesla says the next 12 days will be crucial and that employees will have to do everything to ensure delivery times without abandoning production in order to end the quarter on a high note.

Due to its distribution system, Tesla is used to having a surge in deliveries at the end of the quarter. It works very differently from competing car manufacturers who mainly rely on third-party dealers.

Tesla announces that this end of the semester promises to be particularly intense because of the deliveries of the new version of the Model S which are largely delayed. On top of that, 10,000 vehicles were put on hold last month, which adds up to even more deliveries this month.

On the way to a new record?

In his email, Elon Musk could not be more explicit: “Overall we are doing well, but the next 12 days are very important for production and delivery this quarter. Please go ahead! Thanks, Elon ”. Obviously, Musk hasn’t released his company’s actual delivery targets, but is expected to release the report in numbers as early as the first week of July.

Electrek, a well-known American media outlet on topics related to the electric automobile, estimates that Tesla could seek to exceed its delivery record of 185,000 vehicles shipped during the last quarter. However, it is important to note that supply chain issues could significantly impact this quarter’s target, and lower the number of deliveries.

A few days ago, Elon Musk brought on stage the fastest 0-60 mph production car of any production car in history. It is quite simply the Model S Plaid whose long-awaited deliveries should begin without delay. This morning, we realize that the CEO of Tesla seems to have forgotten some details about the real performance of this Model S Plaid …