This Tesla driver has come a long way. He was involved in a road accident in his autonomous vehicle in Tawain. An overturned truck was across the road. The driver tried to regain control of the autopilot, wanting to switch to manual piloting. Unfortunately, he was unable to make this change and the inevitable collision took place. The car crashed directly into the roof of the truck, which was lying on the ground.

The driver insisted that he tried to brake when he realized that the autopilot would not be able to avoid the obstacle. His version of the facts is confirmed by a video on which we can observe smoke escaping from the tires, testifying to the braking attempt.

The origins of this failure

One thing is certain: the autopilot could not detect the obstacle and it seems likely that the flaw came from the software. The question of the origin of the accident obviously remains open: is it the fact that the braking distance was not large enough to stop in time – the vehicle was launched at 110 km / h – or is the fact that the brakes just didn't respond correctly to avoid the collision? So far the official crash report makes no assumptions about what didn't work.

Despite the careful examinations carried out on this type of vehicle, incidents involving human lives are still likely. The driver of this accident which survived despite the violence of the shock gives us precious testimony.

This is not the first accident involving a Tesla vehicle. What is a bit special here is that the driver was not inattentive. But it seems that his attempt to regain control of the vehicle came too late. The vehicle avoidance system that did not work is a major bug that Tesla must fix immediately before further accidents occur.