Tesla is definitely a tech-oriented brand. We saw it yesterday, when it became the manufacturer with the largest market capitalization, and we see it today, with a very revealing news story. In Quebec, a mechanic has managed to hack the software of a Tesla Model 3 in order to activate the "Boost" mode, whether or not the electric car manufacturer activates it depending on the customer's choice of option.

By developing connected cars, Tesla quickly understood that its vehicles could take a multitude of new options with them. Just clamp several pieces of equipment in the car, and charge the customer an additional cost to be able to access them. For example, the Model 3 75 kWh battery pack was limited to 60 kWh for several years, with updates that brought the full potential of accumulators back to life.

Tesla Model 3: an update to unleash the charging capacity

He hacked Tesla's “Boost” mode

This strategy was successful for Tesla, but a story straight from the province of Quebec in Canada came to show that Tesla's software was not insurmountable, and that it was possible to be hacked. In Trois-Rivières, near Montreal, Guillaume André and his garage for the resale of electric vehicles have managed to unlock Tesla’s “Boost” mode without spending any money.

His experience was part of a more comprehensive project, in which the passionate man wanted to switch from a classic Model 3 with a transmission on the rear wheels, to a Tesla AWD, with two engines. It was therefore necessary to add a new engine, and enter Tesla software to reprogram the assembly correctly.

In a video published on his own YouTube channel, Guillaume explained the whole manipulation, returning to the somewhat hazardous discovery of their power to unlock the "Boost" mode, or even to pass a Model 3 in "Performance" version – a version billed for an additional $ 5,000, although other stylistic changes are made at the same time.

A market parallel to the Tesla network?

This story could have ended there. But with their research and their solutions, Guillaume and his team understood that they could now activate the "Boost" mode on more copies. So they chose to compete with Tesla. Rather than paying 2,000 dollars (1,800 €) for the update, why not pay only 1,100 dollars by going to their workshop?

By offering his service at a lower cost, Guillaume André had the idea of ​​creating a specialized company. Its name Ingenext has expanded to more solutions to improve its Tesla without going through the manufacturer's official options. According to him, its modifications bring even greater efficiency than the Tesla updates. The 0 to 100 km / h would be shot in 3.8 seconds thanks to Ingenext's modifications, against 3.9 seconds with the "Boost" mode officially unlocked by Tesla.

For the moment, Guillaume and his new company Ingenext are still having concerns. By proposing these modifications to its customers, it is obliged to warn them that their Tesla will no longer receive official updates afterwards. A concern that still poses a big barrier to an automobile brand encountering the same problems as other digital companies.