Imagine being able to find the DeLorean on the road in the next few months, in an all new, freshly assembled generation? For Stephen Wynne, the new CEO of DMC (DeLorean Motor Company), who bought the stocks of this small company in 1995, the dream could finally become a reality.

It’s 40 years since the DeLorean retired from the sale, but this new owner based in Texas has been fighting for five years now to be able to make its return a reality.

The problem Stephen Wynne faced was more about regulatory standards for pollution and safety than about means. For the investment, there is no doubt that many will want to revive the myth of the time-traveling car in the film. Back to the future.

On Wednesday, January 20, the laziness of hope took hold. In a post on its blog, DMC discussed a lead that could become the solution: rather than considering a thermal DeLorean, why not electrify it?

The return of the DeLorean envisaged in electric

In the statement, the company reversed a previous decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that came far too late, which would have allowed them to release an updated version of the DeLorean.

Initially, they were thinking of relaunching the car with a gasoline engine with an emission cycle compliant until 2022. The delay caused would not allow them to find profitability, and DMC explained that several suppliers had shut down. door with the health crisis.

So to be able to find a solution, “With the generalization of electric vehicles, we are considering switching to an all-electric motor. This will certainly facilitate the way through the labyrinth of emissions standards, which is not to be neglected on the combustion engine ”.

“As the automotive brand with probably the most name recognition across any demographic, although it hasn’t had a new product for 40 years, we still believe that none of these solutions are insurmountable and that others will also see value ”, the company ended up saying, calling on its community to stay tuned.

Of course, we will think directly of the DeLorean example presented at the New York 2012 auto show. A perfect illustration of what the company seems to imagine. His team recognized it in the post, citing the fact that it was not an impossible idea. Sign of the long-awaited big comeback in the future?