It’s been a few years now that Ford negotiated its electric shift, obviously with various hybrid models, but also (and above all!) A certain Ford Mach-E inspired by the legendary Mustang. As is the case with many manufacturers, Ford sees the future in “all electric“, But the American manufacturer nevertheless seems concerned by the fact that an electric car will no longer“ feel ”anything.

Ford Mach-Eau GT, the eau de parfum (which smells of gasoline)

Indeed, “According to a survey commissioned by Ford, one in five drivers said the smell of gasoline is what they would miss the most if they switched to an electric vehicle, and nearly 70% said the smell of gasoline ‘gasoline would be lacking to some extent”Explains the American manufacturer. Ford explains that the smell of gasoline is appreciated more than that of wine or cheese, and would be on par in olfactory pleasure with that of a new book.

So, while many drivers would not mind migrating from a thermal car to an electric car, the latter could in particular miss it ”that good smell of gasoline”Which usually stays on your fingertips when you have finished refueling.

This is why Ford has decided to develop a new fragrance, called Mach-Eau GT. A perfume, and you will have probably guessed it, that smells of essence. “Un high-end fragrance that fuses smoky accords, rubber aspects and even an animal element to give a nod to the Mustang heritage ” promises the builder.

Obviously, do not expect to find this Ford perfume in your usual perfume store, since it is actually a clever publicity stunt on the part of Ford, rather funny it must be admitted, not to mention the bottle. in itself which is particularly stylish.