In parallel with Lucid Motors, a Californian brand, Tesla is competing in China by NIO, launched in 2014, and which has just announced its arrival in Europe. This May 6 at a conference, the brand unveiled its very first international market and its schedule provides for first sales in the third quarter of this year.

NIO arrives in Norway, so do its chargers

The deployment of NIO is not a surprise given that the manufacturer had already mentioned the European market earlier in 2020. For this very important arrival, he chose to put his suitcases in Norway, where the market has almost completed its transition towards electric and where parts of the cake are to be taken from Tesla.

NIO does not come as a beginner on the spot. In China, it has already sold 100,000 copies (including 50,000 in six months). Its marketing strategy in Norway will be modeled on that in China, starting by offering its ES8 SUV for sale. Its new ET7 luxury sedan will not arrive until 2022.

In a press release, the manufacturer detailed: “NIO will build its sales and service networks directly in Norway. The first NIO house outside of China will officially open in the third quarter at Karl Johans Gate, the commercial and cultural center of the city of Oslo ”. Four more spaces will arrive next year.

Then the level of standing assistance and services should be on par with cars: “NIO Norway’s first service and delivery center in Oslo will also open in September. In 2022, its after-sales service network will expand nationwide. To provide users with a premium service experience in Norway, NIO will provide mobile and car pickup and delivery services ” can we read in the press release.

Finally, as for the charging network, NIO is following in Tesla’s footsteps and its current Chinese strategy. On the program, a home network, made up of “NIO Power Swap”. The goal for Norway is to deploy enough stations there to connect “The five big cities and highways”.

“NIO will also bring its charging system to Norway. […] NIO intends to establish a load map for Europe and present its first four NIO Power Swap stations. By the end of 2022, NIO expects to have battery exchange stations in Norway ”.