Tesla is entering a new year with a production target of 1 million delivered copies, including some of the first Cybertrucks. But to support its sales alongside the popular Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla has just given a facelift to the aging Model S and Model X. Both models are entitled to restyling and new versions. In terms of modification, they focus on their interior. But thanks to the new “Plaid” and “Plaid +” versions, power and autonomy are also evolving.

The restyled Model S and Model X were presented by Tesla on the occasion of the revelation of its fourth quarter 2020 results, and therefore the annual review. Before going into detail on the characteristics of the new Model S and Model X 2021, note that Tesla confirms its first annual profit. This means the company managed to stay in the green for both semesters, for a total profit of $ 721 million. Regulatory credits, finally, do not seem to help much on the balance sheet, at $ 1.58 billion. Of course, without them Tesla would not be profitable. But the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem very far away.

The new Tesla Model S and Model X in 7 infos

A steering wheel inspired by aeronautics

It will not escape anyone: on the Tesla website configurator, the illustrations of the interior of the new Model S and Model X attract particular attention. on the steering wheel. Straight inspired by aeronautics, the sedan and the SUV adopt a piece that has abandoned its upper arch.

2021 Model S Steering Wheel

The new steering wheel of the Tesla Model S and Model X restyled in 2021 © Tesla

Tesla just finished the work Peugeot started a few years ago on the 308, if you allow us the comparison. From now on, the driver will never again be obstructed for the vision on the digital meters placed behind the wheel. As for the grip, it will be at 9:15 or nothing.

New screens

The second point that will not escape anyone in the passenger compartment concerns the central screen. The Model S and Model X included shelves positioned vertically as opposed to the Model 3 and Model Y. This is no longer the case, the new 17-inch IPS LCD screen monopolizes the landscape format.

Interior 2021 Tesla Model S

The new interior of the 2021 Tesla Model S and Model X © Tesla

Another more discreet but equally important information concerns the rear shelf. For passengers, Tesla has decided to integrate a new screen placed at the back of the central armrest. It is of a smaller size, but allows to add a second infotainment screen for the rear shelf. As seen in the illustration below, Tesla appears to have added a shortcut so that passengers can also access Tesla Arcade.

Model X Model S screen

A new screen for rear passengers © Tesla

A game console on board

Tesla Arcade, let’s talk about it. On the technical sheet, again, the screen is progressing with a modification that Elon Musk was impatiently waiting for. To be able to follow the evolutions of Tesla’s software and add games that are richer in resources, the tablet incorporates a graphic power of 10 teraflops, the equivalent of a PlayStation 5. According to the manufacturer, it will now be possible to connect a console controller and launch AAA games.

Model S and Model X: new 2021 range

Forget the “Performance” version on the 2021 restyled Model S and Model X. Tesla has revised the names of its different versions. Now it will be possible to choose the electric sedan in Large Autonomy, “Plaid” or “Plaid +” version. The “Plaid” version therefore replaces the “Performance” version and the “Plaid +” version is an even more efficient (and expensive) version.

Model S Tesla Restylage 2021

© Tesla

More power and autonomy

The new Model S 2021 in Long Range version increases its price at 89,000 euros. On the other hand, its autonomy gains 23 kilometers, to 663 km with a charge according to the WLTP cycle (the autonomy is 580 km for the Model X). The Plaid version advertises up to 1,020 horsepower (same power on the Model X), 0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds and a range of 628 km (a little less than the old Performance version Sadly).

For the worthy “Plaid +”, that Tesla had started to announce during its “Battery Day” in September, the sedan becomes even more radical with a power of 1,100 maximum horsepower and the famous range of 840 km which will put Tesla in competition. with Lucid Motors.

The Plaid version is available at a minimum price of 119,000 euros, while the Plaid + version takes off at 139,990 euros. For the Model X, which does not benefit from the Plaid + version, it will take 10,000 euros more for the Long Range version compared to the Model S (so 99,000 euros). For the Model X Plaid, the price is strangely the same as for the sedan (119,000 euros).

Some modifications to the exterior

Finally, let’s talk about the few modifications to the exterior. Tesla has remained very timid on this front and the developments are rather discreet. Note the front and rear shield which are intended to be more massive, and the new two-tone 19-inch rims. Overall, the sedan is more massive in width, and particularly at the level of the wings.

Model S 2021 Tesla

© Tesla

Release date: we will still have to wait

Let’s finish on the delivery schedule. According to the first information announced by Tesla on Wednesday January 27, we will have to wait until next September to discover the new Grande Autonomie and Plaid versions. Once again, customers who would like to buy the Plaid + version and its 840 km of autonomy will have to redouble their patience. It is scheduled for the end of 2021 for its part.