While waiting for the new 100% electric Ferrari which will hit the roads in a few years, fans of zero emission cars with a (very) sporty tendency will no doubt be intrigued by this Rimac Nevera. Indeed, the Croatian manufacturer has formalized its new creation, with an electric supercar therefore, whose power is close to… 2000 hp!

Rimac Nevera: 1914 electric horses!

If the 44 hp of the little Dacia Spring is a bit too tight for you, then maybe you will be tempted by this Rimac Nevera, which plays the opposite card. Indeed, this supercar of Croatian origin has four electric motors, which deliver a total power of 1,914 hp, with a torque, also completely unreasonable, of 2,360 Nm! Enough to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in 1.85 seconds, and complete the 400 meters from a standing start in 8.6 seconds.

The manufacturer also indicates a particularly rapid recharge, to 500 kW, with the possibility of recovering 80% of capacity in just 20 minutes. On board, there is a 120 kWh battery. On board, there are no less than three TFT HD screens, and rotary touch controls. On the design side, Rimac promises foolproof rigidity, thanks in particular to a large 200 kg carbon fiber plate, which forms the roof, the battery pack and the rear subframe. In total, the Rimac Revera weighs 2150 kg on the scale.

All of our efforts resulted in the Nevera, our record breaking hypercar. This car was born to surpass and raise the bar, redefining the standard for performance cars. And not just in terms of performance, but as a complete package”Explains the founder of the Mate Rimac group.

Note that the Rimac Nevara will be produced in only 150 copies, and that it will cost the sum of 2 million euros to have the privilege of installing the car in his garage. Note also that customers will be able to opt for various finishes, with the possibility of opting for a GT, Signature or even Timeless model.