The “retrofit” legalized in France!

If some have been eyeing for a few years on the electric cars offered by the various manufacturers in dealerships, and are secretly thinking of offering themselves the new Peugeot e-208 soon or having fun configuring the Model 3 of their dreams on the Tesla site , others would like to be able to keep their current vehicle, by installing an electric motor in place of the good old original diesel block. This is great, since this practice (called " retrofits") Is now legal in France!

In fact, the announcement had been expected for several months, and electrical conversion has now been legal in France since the beginning of April. This is excellent news for the many interested parties, but also (and above all?) For the various professionals in the sector, who will be able to offer their different offers.

Peugeot e208

Obviously, the retrofit is very framed, and to be approved, a vehicle must pass through the hands of an authorized professional. Category M and N vehicles are eligible for electrical conversion, provided they are over 5 years old. For category L vehicles, this period is 3 years. Please note that the original thermal engine (petrol or diesel) can be replaced by an electric battery, or even a fuel cell (hydrogen).

In other words, nothing prevents you from transforming this Renault Twingo 2 that you like so much into an electric car, or even your Fiat 500, your Toyota Aygo, your Citroën Berlingo … An electrical conversion whose average price is around 10 000 euros, for a range of just over 100 km.

The Official Journal specifies: " A review of the application of the prescriptions is planned 24 months after the entry into force of the text to assess the advisability of introducing modifications". The latter will allow in particular to draw up a first overview of retrofit in France, with the number of conversions carried out over the period, the number of approved installers, without forgetting to list the various concerns encountered by customers.