Is it to encourage recovery after the coronavirus crisis and make room in its stocks? After price reductions in the USA, Tesla has just updated its configurator in France with a few substantial price reductions.

But unlike what prevailed in the United States at the beginning of the week, the price reductions on the French gram only concern the Model S and the Model X, and not the Model 3, whose prices remain unchanged for the moment.

Tesla Model 3 prices remain unchanged

The Tesla Model S Grande Autonomie goes from 91,000 to 83,990 euros, while the Performance version goes from 107,700 to 100,990 euros. On the Model X side, the price goes from 96,700 to 89,990 euros for the Large Autonomy version and from 112,700 to 106,990 euros for the Performance version. It should be noted that these decreases occur coincidentally when the French government has just announced an increase in its aid for the purchase of electric cars with a bonus rising to 7,000 euros. In return, the use of Superchargers for Model S and Model X is now paying, as for Model 3.

Remember that this is not the first time Tesla has adjusted the price of its cars. The most noticeable drop was that in early March 2019, when the Model 3 arrived on the European market. The Model S had suffered a "break" in its prices ranging from 22,000 to … more than 50,000 euros depending on the version, which had earned Tesla somewhat angry reactions from those who had just bought it one at the previous price.

If the prices of certain models fall, we do know that the option of autonomous driving "FSD" (Full Self-Driving) should undergo a significant increase in its price on July 1. Elon Musk recently announced on Twitter that this upward revision would be $ 1,000, and one can imagine that it will most likely be passed on to the European market in the amount of 1,000 euros.