Microsoft had confirmed it at the start of 2020, despite their side “next-gen“, The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would come with controllers… battery-powered. Indeed, while Sony offers rechargeable controllers from the PS3, Microsoft is persisting in 2020, launching its new Xbox last November with controllers devoid of any built-in battery. By default, the Xbox controller therefore works via two small AA batteries and has been since 2005.

Why batteries for the Xbox controller?

Since the launch of the Xbox 360 and its wireless controller, Microsoft has never offered an Xbox controller with a rechargeable battery. Of course, you can purchase a battery pack as an option, but by default, the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series controller works via two supplied batteries. Since 2005, Duracell has supplied the batteries for the Xbox controllers.

Xbox Series S controller test

And it is perhaps “because” of this same Duracell that Microsoft still offers battery controllers in 2020! Indeed, UK Duracell Marketing Manager Luke Anderson recently said in an interview that it all could actually be the result of a long-term partnership between Microsoft and Duracell. “There has always been this partnership with Duracell and Xbox… It is a constant agreement that Duracell and Microsoft have put in place.“.

He adds : “So this deal is going to last for a while… it’s been going on for a while now, and I think it has to last for a while.“On the Microsoft side, this partnership with Duracell has never been mentioned to explain the systematic presence of batteries with the Xbox controller.

At Microsoft, we explain that there is no contract with Duracell, and that we simply want to leave the choice to the players, to use batteries, a rechargeable battery or even rechargeable batteries, without imposing a battery integrated (as is the case with Sony and Nintendo). Mystery then …