Like its previous models, Google offers two formats for its new flagship: the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. This test focuses on Pixel 4, and some of its flaws might be missing on the XL. What is the value of this complete smartphone on a daily basis?

Pixel 4 test and video reviews

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Design & Hardware

Google Pixel 4 at the best price Base price: 769 €

As usual, I begin my test with the technical characteristics of Pixel 4. Google continues its choice to offer a SoC is not the last currently available, the Snapdragon 855. In recent weeks, models (like the OnePlus 7T ) use the following model, the 855+. Coupled with 6 GB of RAM, the 855 still does the job, and the daily experience is very fluid.

Google Pixel 4 back

The black back of Pixel 4 ©

For storage, no choice in France, namely 64 GB, and that's it. You can not buy a model with more storage or add a microSD card. While on the Pixel 3, the unlimited original quality storage on Google Photos was offered for owners on Google smartphone, this is no longer the case on Pixel 4. It's a shame, and if you like to take pictures , it will manage the storage intelligently.

In everyday life, the navigation is ultra fluid, and the new SoC and 2 GB of additional RAM can play all the games of the moment without any worries. Finished also the problems of the app which are closed in the background thanks to this surplus of power. His total score on Antutu Benchmark is 409,816.

For telephony, Google has chosen the combo NanoSIM, eSIM. It is a good thing that the latter begins to develop in France, the operators being pushed by the iPhone for their adoption. Google delivers Pixel Buds USB-C with Pixel 4, and the port jack is not part of it.

Google Pixel 4 screen

The Pixel 4 screen ©

Big novelty on this Pixel 4 compared to its predecessors: the screen. The slab is larger: 5.7 inches. It includes the refresh rate of 90 Hz. It's a treat for the eye, as on the latest OnePlus. However one thing comes to tarnish its quality: the brightness. It is simply too weak for a premium smartphone, and use in full sun is not optimal. The 90 Hz is also disabled to go back to 60 Hz as soon as one lowers the overall brightness of the smartphone.

The front is not the strong point of this Pixel 4, with large borders (the bottom is however thinner than the Pixel 3). The upper part is necessarily wide, as it integrates the sensor Face Unlock and Soli. Unlocking facial recognition is simply super fast, as Soli detects the arrival of the hand to lift the phone. For Soli understands, just watch the video of the test above, I explain it in practice. Face Unlock is also the only way to unlock, as there are more fingerprint sensors. Still a strange choice of Google.

There is also a double speaker, with excellent sound reproduction. The new black stainless steel outline is beautifully crafted, and the white button gives a small pop effect. Small personal disappointment, the only model available for France is glossy black, while matte models are the hallmark of Google. I admit that the orange and white models seem to me much more successful in terms of design.

The double photo sensor

The double photo sensor ©

One thing that does not change compared to the Pixel 3: the grip of Pixel 4 is excellent. I really like compact smartphones and Google does well to keep two models, even if the size of Pixel 4 causes one of its major flaws: autonomy.

To conclude this part, I am mixed on the Pixel 4. Even if it is not under the last SoC it is very responsive, thanks to 90 Hz in part, but its screen is not bright enough. In terms of design, the black model is too simple, and the front really not in the air time.

Android 10 + 90 Hz = happiness

Android 10 is clearly for me a success. Coupled with a 90 Hz screen, everyday use is a real pleasure. Google has paid a lot of attention to animations, and the gestures are very well integrated. But the two best novelties are not yet available for French users.

The first is the live transcription. Its use is simple: after activation you will have subtitles for all videos played on your Pixel 4, even if the sound is cut. This is useful if you are in transport without earphones for example. As a teenager, I would have most certainly used it during the long hours of philosophy classes, this generation does not know how lucky it is.

Pixel 4 Android 10

Android 10 on the Pixel 4 ©

The second is, for me, even more useful. The dictaphone application is able to understand and transcribe live what you record. This is useful on a press conference or, if you have listened well to the courses of philosophy, in an amphitheater during higher studies for example. But the real strength of this new mode is that once the recording is finished, you can search inside to find the passages that interest you. In short, his arrival in French to gain time during the transcript of interviews.

The Pixel 4 is a real joy in everyday life, and I find that Android is nothing more complex so everything comes to the fore.

Google Pixel 4 at the best price Base price: 769 €

Photo: two sensors are not better than three you'll have

If there is one function for which Google was expected on this Pixel 4 is the photograph. The giant's choice was to add a second sensor (a 16-megapixel x2 zoom with f / 2.4 aperture) to its main sensor (12.2-megapixel wide-angle with f / 1.7 aperture). As we know, Google's software processing is its strength, sensor specs are of minimal importance.

The only complaint I can make is the following: all flagships of the moment have an ultra-wide angle, and Google preferred the zoom. For them, users need more zoom than take shots with a wide shot. It's not my case.

Still, the shots captured by the Pixel 4 are simply impressive. We find the quality of 3, and the zoom is a real addition. Even by zooming digitally in x8, we get very good results.

Zoom X8

The X8 zoom ©

The night mode seems even more powerful, and it is simply impossible to miss a photo with the Pixel 4. This photo of SonGoten was taken in total darkness, bluffing.

Night Pixel Photo 4

Night photo @

Major new this year, the double exposure setting. On a shot, you can adjust both the general exposure, but also the shadows. This small cursor thus allows you to succeed photos in difficult conditions. The photo below is taken in total darkness, very impressive.

Another novelty, which happens very soon on the Pixel 3: the astrophotography mode. The clichés I saw on Twitter are impressive, and I can not wait to get away from the city to test on my own.

Pixel Portrait 4

Fashion Portrait ©

Only downside, the video part, in 4K at 30 frames per second only. On this point, the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung S10 and Note 10 are far ahead. It's a shame that Google is not trying to focus more on this point. Finished the double selfie sensor at the front, and the only sensor is doing rather well

To conclude on the picture: the Pixel 4 is the best camera on the market on what it does, but the lack of ultra-wide angle is really a shame.

Google Pixel 4: a disaster

And that's why I can not advise the purchase of Pixel 4. The autonomy for a flagship of 2019 is very bad. In case of reasoned use, you can hold the day. But in my case, the end of the battery could arrive at the end of the afternoon. Having a cable or a Pixel Stand in the office is therefore essential, but Google has really missed his stroke in terms of autonomy.

It's for me due to two things. On the one hand, the battery is small (2800 mAh), and on the other hand, the 90 Hz screen is consumer. Google has failed the software optimizations that Apple has put in place to make the iPhone 11 Pro very enduring.

Pixel 4 Battery


On the plus side, a fast 18W charger is provided in the box, thankfully. The wireless charge 10 W also works very well, but this defect is for me crippling on the Pixel 4. Remains to see what gives the Pixel 4 XL, the test of Camille arrives in the coming days.

My opinion on Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 at the best price Base price: 769 €

I loved using Pixel 4 everyday. The photo is at the top, Android 10 too, and it is very pleasant to handle. The fluidity of the screen is a plus and, even if it does not run under the last SoC and is not the most powerful on the market, the Pixel 4 is doing in all situations.

But here, the autonomy being at this level, it is for me a real brake to the purchase, and especially a real waste as the smartphone has qualities. The design is lambda in the back and not successful at all in the front, and the screen lacks brightness. These would be small defects that could be offset by its strengths, but autonomy tarnishes everyday use.

I expect a lot of the test of the Pixel 4 XL because if the autonomy is up, it could be the reference flagship at Google. If you want to buy a Pixel 4, it is sold 769 € at the merchants for 64 GB of storage.

Google Pixel 4

$ 469

Google Pixel 4

Value for money

8.5 / 10

WE love

  • The picture
  • Android 10
  • The format

We like less

  • autonomy
  • The luminosity
  • Design