In the collective imagination of the United States, the university graduation ceremony is of paramount importance. Many films and series present these great moments that count a lot in the construction of individuals. This year, however, the coronavirus pandemic prevents the organization of these large gatherings.

The famous University of Berkeley therefore decided to organize its own on Minecraft. The initiative went to a highly motivated group of students and allegedly left in the form of a caustic remark on Facebook. Little by little the latter set in motion this vast project: they want to reproduce the establishment identically on the game. Blockeley University was therefore meticulously carried out using data collected on Google Maps and archives from the geography department of 'University.

Virtual events with very real consequences

It’s in this virtual location that the ceremony, which was broadcast live on Twitch, took place last Saturday. Each student and the staff were invited to come with their avatars to swell the ranks of the Memorial Stadium where this meeting traditionally takes place. Leaders have been able to deliver speeches over the past year. Once these formalities were completed, a virtual concert was given. It included several artists and DJs of international renown, enough to prolong the party a little.

Other web giants have also decided to take action to fill this gap. Facebook and YouTube have thus organized their own graduation ceremonies in live streaming. Many stars participated in these events including Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Garner, Lil Nas X, or Miley Cyrus. Barack Obama even made a name for himself in a very political speech that many saw as a thinly veiled criticism of Donald Trump's actions. Evidence that it was necessary that these virtual events become more and more important and are taken very seriously by the participants.