Who has never dreamed of taking themselves for Indiana Jones, in the skin of Harrison Ford with his whip and his legendary hat? This will be “soon” the case thanks to Bethesda and Machine Games who have just announced via a short teaser Indy’s return to video games!

Let’s find out straight away with the first information and the first deductions we can make of it. But also our first questions and expectations!

Indiana Jones returns to video games

It was through a short video of just 33 seconds that Bethesda set the web alight last night. An Uncharted atmosphere (by Naughty Dog), but mythical music with a whip and a hat which are just as mythical. No, these are not the new adventures of Nathan Drake, but those of Indiana Jones.

Twelve years after Indiana Jones and the Scepter of Kings, the last video game on Wii, Nintendo DS, PS2 and PSP, Bethesda is preparing the comeback of the most famous archaeologist in cinema who has so inspired Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Nathan Drake (Uncharted) in the video game.

Unfortunately, no release date and no information about the game yet expected by thousands of fans. We know that the Machine Games studio (which developed the Wolfenstein games) will take care of the development of this game. Thus, will we have the right to a game in FPS view (first person) like in shooter games ? Where will we get the chance to have a third person game with Harrison Ford in his role as an adventurer?

For now, that question will remain unanswered, but we really can’t wait to find out more.

A game from the same era as the original trilogy?

Indiana Jones Period Index

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While waiting for the first official information around the game, we can not help but analyze the few shots of the teaser. Right next to this Bethesda-approved passport, we can see a plane ticket to Rome that is dated October 21, 1937. So, we can assume that the game will take place around the same time of the original trilogy given that the second film “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” takes place in 1935 that the first film “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark” takes place in 1936 and that the third opus, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” takes place in 1938.

It will be interesting to see if Bethesda opts for a game close to the movies with (hopefully) Harrison Ford in his role as an adventurer and the appearance of iconic characters from the series.

Indiana Jones, Bethesda’s first big Xbox exclusive?

Indiana Jones Bethesda Xbox Excluded

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Bought for the tidy sum of 7.5 billion dollars last September, Bethesda is now part of the great family of Xbox Games Studios. After a rather vague first communication, Microsoft confirmed that all Bethesda games will now be Windows exclusives on Xbox and PC.

Can we deduce that this Indiana Jones game will be the first big exclusive to come to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S with integration as soon as it is released on Xbox Game Pass?