Available for just a few days, the new Xbox Series S and Series X are enjoying a booming commercial start according to recent statements by Phil Spencer. A particularly well-designed Xbox Series X, incredibly quiet, and that exudes a real sense of robustness and reliability.

An (already) finicky disc drive for the Xbox Series X?

However, apart from the Xbox Series X which emit a thick smoke (a controversy to which Microsoft has officially reacted), it seems that some models of Xbox suffer from a serious problem affecting the disc player mainly. Indeed, social networks have seen the emergence of several videos in recent hours, highlighting concerns that are sometimes quite different, but particularly annoying, to the point of rendering the console unusable …

Xbox Series X Overheating Fake

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Indeed, some Xbox Series X owners report various concerns with the disc player. On Twitter, Travless explains for example that it is absolutely impossible to insert any disc into your console, video to support.

On the home side Drknickel, the concern is relatively similar, with an Xbox Series X which stubbornly refuses to swallow the disc offered to it.

Added to this are also Xbox Series X whose drive is simply out of order, while other users report a disc drive that emits a particularly annoying noise, and completely abnormal, when installing. ‘a game.

In addition, some have also had the unpleasant surprise of plugging in an Xbox Series X which emits an astonishing click, probably caused by the fan. A concern that is not exclusive to the Xbox Series X, since an Xbox Series S owner experienced the exact same problem. Some have also discovered a small screw in their console… As far as we are concerned, our Xbox Series X is still in perfect health since its first unboxing a little over 3 weeks ago now.

Obviously, each launch of a new console is also accompanied by its share of malfunctions, and like the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, there is no doubt that Sony’s PS5 will also show some signs of weakness among some users. ” That’s the game ” as they say…