BMW Hydrogen

Anxious to develop a range of alternative powertrains for emission-free mobility, BMW gives some details regarding hydrogen fuel cell technology.

BMW already offers a wide range of electric vehicles on the market using renewable or electrified energy, but intends to further expand its offer in the years to come.

The fuel cell at BMW

Thus, the fuel cell system for the powertrain of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT generates up to 125 kW (170 hp) of electrical energy, from a chemical reaction obtained between hydrogen and oxygen from Ambiant air. The total power of the system is 275 kW, or 374 hp.

The vehicle is also equipped with two 700 bar tanks, which can hold a total of six kilograms of hydrogen. The BMW group has been working with Toyota Motor Corporation on fuel cell technology since 2013.

The fuel cell, the fourth pillar of BMW?

According to BMW, " hydrogen fuel cell technology could very well become the fourth pillar of our range of powertrains in the long term "

BMW Hydrogen

BMW specifies that this electric powertrain with hydrogen fuel cell will be tested in small series, on the basis of the current generation of BMW X5, with a presentation planned for 2022.

" An offer intended for customers using this technology will be put on the market at the earliest in the second half of this decade by the BMW Group, depending on the economic situation and the requirements of the various world markets. "Warns the German manufacturer.

Source: Motor1