Bollinger chassis platform

© Bollinger Motors

Bollinger Motors, the startup that we encountered at the LA Auto Show 2019, presented its platform to be used for the development of its future electric vehicles.

This platform is described by the manufacturer as " the first and only class 3 electric platform in the world "

Develop another segment of "all electric"

This “class 3” corresponds to a category of total permissible laden weight (GVWR), the United States grouping vehicles into eight categories. In the present case, class 3 groups together the models whose GVW is between 4.536 and 6.350 tonnes. According to Bollinger's press release, future vehicles using this chassis will therefore fall into this category.

Bollinger B1

The Bollinger B1 © Bollinger Motors

For the P.D.-G. of the brand, Robert Bollinger, it is now a question of extending the commercial applications of the brand. It has already unveiled the B2 and the B1, two models whose starting price is around $ 125,000. The B1 also recalls certain Jeep models. But the platform will also be offered separately. Robert Bollinger said: " When we built our B1 Class 3 for the first time, we knew that the platform would have a commercial aspect. Not only chassis cabs, but (also) entirely new bodies (…) that can adapt to our electric chassis, and helping to propel the world much more quickly towards all-electric "

On the way to Europe

In addition to equipping future versions of the B1 and B2 (which can be booked on the brand's website with a deposit of $ 1,000), Bollinger will therefore offer its E-chassis to other manufacturers from 2021. According to the technical data published by the manufacturer, the chassis would include a battery pack of 120 kWh and a second, optional, 180 kWh. The maximum payload is indicated at 5,000 pounds, or 2,268 tonnes. The platform will also have an integrated AC charger with a power between 5 and 15 kW. Bollinger indicates a charge time of around 75 minutes.

According to Electrive, the platform is " easily adaptable to different wheelbases », This one being fitted with a hydropneumatic suspension with automatic leveling It also has hydraulic suspension and electronic traction control. But at the moment, all of these features have yet to pass the approval stage. Besides the United States, Bollinger is also seeking to have its platform approved in Europe.

Source: Electrek