Death Stranding, wants to reconnect the world

The first tests of Death Stranding fell a few days ago, and as expected, Hideo Kojima's latest game is very cleavage. On one side, we find the adorers of the game (and its creator), who see in Death Stranding a revolutionary title, unique, masterful … For others, the game signed Hideo Kojima has some qualities, but also undeniable flaws, especially fights with little interest and unbearable lengths …

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Still, the game will be available at the end of this week in stores (with even a collector's edition for fans), the opportunity for players to form their own opinion. In the meantime, Hideo Kojima made a few clarifications about Death Stranding, including his "connection" system.

Death Stranding Simple Edition


" In this game, we use bridges to connect things, but destroying these bridges can instantly turn them into walls. So bridges and walls are almost identical. This is one of the things I would like players to think about in the game "So says the former employee of Konami.

A game about individualism and loneliness

Hideo Kojima goes so far as to draw a parallel between Death Stranding and what is happening in the world today, with Donald Trump and the situation in the United Kingdom. If the first is currently building a wall, the second is currently facing the Brexit crisis. " There are many walls and people only think of them in the world. Our time revolves around individualism Says Hideo Kojima.

Remember that despite his solo side, Death Stranding is a game « connected", And will allow players to help each other indirectly, including building bridges or using ladders. It's also a way to fight the player's "loneliness", another theme that is obviously dear to Hideo Kojima.

Recall that if Death Stranding arrives on PS4 this Friday, it will also be available on PC, but not before the summer of 2020.