Available since November 19 in France, Sony’s PS5 is still untraceable on the shelves of specialty stores. Online sales sites are literally taken by storm at the slightest restocking, and it is particularly complicated, two months after its release, to get your hands on the console.

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Boxes of PS5 at gold price on eBay

Obviously, for several weeks now, many people have been playing the speculation card with Sony’s PS5. Some therefore take great pleasure in buying the machine, at a price of € 399 or € 499 depending on the model, only to immediately sell it for two or even three times more.

Sony PS5

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A practice that can be found on LeBonCoin, but also on eBay. Recently, the thing has taken another turn, as some dealers have decided to sell … the box of the PS5. Obviously, lazy buyers didn’t bother to verify whether the console was included or not, and that’s how some boxes of PS5s were sold for over $ 1,000.

On eBay’s side, we obviously watch for sales that could be misleading, especially from new sellers. “We have taken steps to remove fraudulent sales from our platform“EBay said. “For any purchase, but especially for items that are very expensive or in demand, we recommend buyers to exercise caution and read the listing description carefully.“.

Already in 2013, a British man had “accidentally” bought a photo of the Xbox One, thinking of acquiring the console. The latter had therefore paid the sum of € 500 for a photo of the Microsoft console, on the back of which was written “thank you for your purchase“. So be careful …