Although Apple announced a new color option for the iPhone 12 series, not all of the iPhone 12 models are getting the purple treatment.

During Apple’s recent’ Spring Loaded event, the company announced a new purple iPhone 12 color that looks set to become a popular option for anyone considering buying a new iPhone soon. However, it is a color that’s only available with select iPhone 12 series models, and that might not change in the future.

Apple’s Spring Loaded event was indeed, loaded. The company not only announced a new iPhone 12 color, but also a new iPad Pro and iMac, both of which come powered by Apple’s own M1 chip. This was all in addition to Apple Card Family and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Not forgetting AirTag, with the company’s small item tracker proving to be one of the event’s major talking points.

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When Apple announced the new color, it only did for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models. As a result, consumers are currently unable to order an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max in Apple’s new purple color. Furthermore, it remains to be seen if that’s going to change, considering Apple tends not to offer the same level of color selection with its Pro models. Due to this, it is likely iPhone Pro and Pro Max buyers will be resigned to choosing between the current color options.

iPhone 12 Series’ Colors Not All Equal

Apple iPhone 12 color choices

Apple is no stranger to offering products in a variety of colors to suit the individual needs of buyers. However, not all of its products tend to get the same level of color attention as others, with the iPhone 12 series a prime example. While both the standard iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini are available in six different colors, both the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are only available in four different colors. One of the reasons for this might simply be the price. With the baseline iPhone 12 mini starting at $699 and the standard iPhone at $799, they are both considerably cheaper than the $999 and $1.099 base prices for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. In this sense, it may simply be a matter of Apple making more color choices available for the models it expects to sell a greater number (and variety) of.

If that is the case, then it makes sense as to why the company has only released the new purple color with the cheaper iPhone 12 models. Not to mention, sales of the iPhone 12 mini have reportedly been much lower than the other models, so adding a new and exciting purple color might be one way for Apple to reinvigorate interest in its cheapest and smallest iPhone 12.

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