Since November 19, the launch date of the PlayStation 5, the situation has been complicated for Sony as well as for resellers. Indeed, the production line was not able to produce enough consoles. Therefore, the most common question today is: where to find a PlayStation 5 in stock?

The coup de grace has just fallen. According to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, everything has been sold. Here is his full statement at the microphone of the Russian news agency TASS: “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold […] I have spent much of the last year making sure we can generate enough demand for the product. And now I spend a lot more time trying to increase the supply to meet this demand ”.

Sony is not looking for excuses, the supply was simply lower than the demand. However, Business Insider revealed in an investigation that a group specializing in buy and sell was able to recover 3,500 consoles through bots, to resell them for a high price. Scalpers are more and more numerous, and have largely contributed to the melting of stocks of PlayStation 5. Out of curiosity, take a look at eBay or LeBonCoin, you will find consoles at exorbitant prices.

Amazon has also just opened an investigation. The company suspects several of its delivery men of having stolen PlayStation 5s, replacing the contents of the box with an object of similar weight.

Will the PlayStation 5 be under the tree?

Let us remain optimistic. Jim Ryan said stock is expected to return to stores and the internet for the holiday season. It is important to clarify that even in this time of global health crisis, Sony is producing more consoles than when the PlayStation 4 was released. The CEO apologizes to customers who could not find a PlayStation 5 at his output, and declares: “They can rest assured that we are working very hard to bring significant quantities to market before and after Christmas”.