When he received his iTunes bill, Muhammad Mutaza, a 41-year-old British consultant in endocrinology, could not believe his eyes. He was asked for the sum of 1,289 pounds (1,503 euros). He initially thought it was a scam. But he quickly understood the bad news: his 7-year-old son Ashaz was actually behind the expenses.

The child had indeed made several in-app purchases on the free version of the game. Dragons: Rise Of Berk from DreamWorks. In an attempt to get out of it, the man asked for a refund, but Apple only agreed to return him £ 207. To cover this debt, he decided to resell the family car.

Other astronomical expenses have been noted in the past

Quoted by The Sun, Muhammad Mutaza explains: “ I never thought it would be possible to spend so much money on a children’s game “. By addressing the customer service department of the Apple brand, of which he has been a customer since 2005, he also expressed his dissatisfaction in an ironic way: “ Well done, you ripped me off and you managed to rip off my child “.

The Cupertino company has not directly reacted to this case, but it specifies that it takes this kind of incident very seriously and invites parents to be vigilant. In the meantime, the father is very upset and he would consider launching legal proceedings against the tech giant.

Remember that this incident is far from being an isolated case and that many other children have led their families to astronomical spending on application stores.

One of the most striking examples is from July 2020. George Johnson’s parents discovered that their six-year-old son spent a total of $ 16,293 in in-app purchases on the game. Sonic Forces from Sega. Despite his mother’s requests, Apple then refused the refund.