The iPhone 12 Pro was announced in October 2020, alongside the and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Along with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, they’re Apple’s first 5G phones. The iPhone 12 Pro costs less than the Pro Max, and it delivers a lot more power than either the 12 or the mini.

Almost every network wants to sell this handset, so, fortunately, there are plenty of deals to choose from. Here’s what you need to know about the model and how to check out the best offers on the market.

Latest iPhone 12 Pro Deals

What Type of Deal Do I Need?

Unless you want to pay for the iPhone 12 Pro outright from £999, there are two main types of pay monthly plans.


New contracts aim to attract new customers to a network. For example, you may already be with EE, but you’d like to switch to O2. There are new contract deals for an Apple iPhone 12 Pro with various networks, including EE, Three, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Sky Mobile, O2, and iD Mobile.

Some of the most popular contracts offer no upfront costs, meaning you don’t have to pay anything when making your order and can receive free delivery on your handset. This is convenient, but doesn’t necessarily rank as the best-value deal. 

Paying a small upfront cost can sometimes reduce the plan’s overall fees. 


If you’re an existing customer with a particular network, you may be able to upgrade your contract to an Apple iPhone 12 Pro device with no interruptions while retaining the same number and SIM card.

Typically, you’re eligible for upgrade deals within the last 30 days of your contract. If you’re not sure how long is left in your contract, visit your network’s website or get in contact with them direct.