An app to find out if we have been in contact with people suffering from coronavirus – Geeko

The coronavirus continues to spread, always causing more contamination and death, despite the measures put in place by the various countries. In China, where it all started, the government has opted for a rather surprising solution to try to contain the contamination:
a mobile application.

The latter allows you to know if you have been in contact with contaminated people. Chinese people simply need to scan a QR Code to access a form. Once the user has provided their phone number, name and ID number, the application will tell them whether or not they have been near people identified as carrying the virus.

Medical secrecy is being sidelined

The Chinese government press release does not say how exactly the app works. Being in close contact with sick people does not necessarily imply contamination. In addition, sharing this information could fuel a form of paranoia among the Chinese population. Finally, the application seems to completely ignore medical confidentiality, a fundamental right in the West.

The application Close Contact Detector was developed by the general management of the State Council, the National Health Commission and China Electronics Technology Group Corporations (CETC), as the newspaper said. Xinhua News Agency who reports the information.