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Waymo, the Google subsidiary that last week presented the 5th generation of its autonomous driving system, has just announced the suspension of part of its Robotaxi service in the face of the spread of the coronavirus.

A few weeks ago, the start-up had raised $ 2.25 billion to finance the distribution of its vehicles around the world.

Partial suspension

The decision to pause Robotaxi service in Arizona follows, reports The Verge, the nervousness of Waymo's "safety" drivers (who make sure the vehicle does not make a navigation error), now worried about the idea of ​​taking passengers. The media specifies, however, that this suspension is only partial. If vehicles with no driver continue to drive, those with drivers will be stopped.

Waymo also announced that it has paused the development of its prototypes in California. However, it will continue to test its autonomous trucks. Nor will it stop its delivery service, which is currently in the testing phase.

Source: The Verge