Crash Bandicoot is undeniably one of the most iconic videogame mascots with Mario, Sonic, or Spyro. The marsupial that began its adventure in 1996 on PlayStation has had a long desert crossing since 2008 after a series of games not really up to scratch. However, our favorite bandicoot made a first comeback in June 2017 with a very good PS4 compilation, the N-Sane Trilogy, which was released on Xbox One, Switch and PC in 2018.

Following the huge success of the compilation (more than 10 million copies sold), Activision announced that other remastered or new games would be a possibility. At the end of 2018, during the Game Awards, the remake of CTR, Nitro Fueled Crash Team Racing was announced. Released in June, this remake was also a huge success.

According to many rumors that are starting to become more relevant, a new Crash Bandicoot unpublished game is about to be announced at the next Games Awards on December 12.

Crash Bandicoot, the big comeback after 12 years of absence!

Crash Bandicoot new game unpublished Game Awards 2019

© Activision

Everything therefore starts with statements from Activision that had announced that new remastered, or the development of unpublished games were a possibility if both remastered were a success. Then things accelerated a few weeks ago with the release of the new PlayStation 4 ad.

PS4 Crash Bandicoot Pub

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

In this video, we can see Crash, his sister Coco and his worst enemy Cortex doing a kart race in a parking lot for the promotion of CTR Nitro Fueled. Behind Cortex in the background, fans have noticed the presence of a mysterious mask that had never been seen in all Crash Bandicoot games to date. For fans, there was no doubt that this was a tease, as it had been in 2013.

PS4 Crash Bandicoot Pub

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Indeed, in this video this time, which is the publicity launch of the PS4 in November 2013, we could see at the end a first teasing with a trash that represented the latest failures Crash Bandicoot. A panel with marsupial shadow, an up arrow to signify the big comeback, and a priority board that reminds us of the Sony Interactive Entertainment logo.

Since then, a first leak on the 4Chan forums has indicated that a certain Crash Bandicoot Worlds would be developing on the side of Activision with the Vicarious Vision controls (the developers of the N-Sane Trilogy) as well as Toys For Bob (the developers of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy).

Crash Bandicoot Worlds

© 4Chan / Magaska

Although this logo is not confirmed as an official logo, rumors of 4Chan announced that it would be a new new game, with new enemies, and semi-open world zones. Finally, the last thing to date comes from the insider Sabi, relayed by the surfer Mister Pixel, which simply indicates that a new Crash Bandicoot game is in development.

Activision has a new Crash game in development. And no, it's not specifically related to this escape of 4chans including Worlds. Can not deny Worlds, just know that's not what I'm talking about. Vicarious seems to be in the game, but can not be 100% on that point.

It seems that the Game Awards on December 12 are once again the right time to announce this new title that would be expected, still according to rumors, for the year 2020. Case to follow! In the meantime, do not hesitate to discover our test of CTR Nitro Fueled.