Cruise Origin

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A subsidiary of General Motors dedicated to the design of autonomous taxis, Cruise already uses only electric models. But the company says it goes even further today, saying that all of its fleet now works thanks to renewable energies.

The brand, which has a large fleet of test vehicles in San Francisco, has already completed the transition to " 100% renewable energy sources In the last quarter of 2019. But these energies will not directly power electric vehicles.

For ever greener vehicles

Cruise creator Kyle Vogt on Twitter actually says: " Our fleet of autonomous cars is powered 100% by renewable energies. A big step for a future of environmentally friendly transport "

According to the company, which also expressed itself in Medium, the company supplies its entire fleet with these energies, while the Energy Information Administration (EIA) claims that 65% of American electricity production in 2018 came from coal, natural gas and petroleum.

The company adds that it will seek new " Ways to Take Advantage of Renewable Energies to Continue to Power Your Fleet " But it remains vague as to the origin of these "green" energies, citing " 12 solar projects To be deployed in southern California.

Carbon offset

In reality, the company relies, to build its figure, on the WREGIS system (Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System), a local carbon offset program. The brand's vehicles will therefore not be powered directly by renewable energies, but their emissions will be offset by projects promoting these energies. This type of program is widely used by giants from all walks of life. We were talking yesterday about Amazon's $ 10 million invested in the forest sector. Google also tends to power its data centers with renewable energy.

The Cruise program, which is a subsidiary of General Motors, nevertheless remains promising. The company unveiled its future autonomous shuttles only a few months ago. The launch of these vehicles, originally scheduled for 2019, has been postponed. And if the current health crisis has considerably slowed down the sector, Cruise must also face the development of competition, in particular that of Waymo.

Source: The Verge, Medium