Google Earth has received an update in which the new creation tools arrive, which allow, among others, the possibility of creating custom tours through its website, although later we can view them from our phone, both on iOS and Android, as long as we have the application updated.

To create these routes, we can establish several points in different parts of the map, although we will also have options to add markers, search places directly and others.

New creation tools

Google Earth already had tours, although these are predetermined according to certain locations, and could not be created by users. Now, the web version of Google Earth allows, creating a new project, add custom tours and display them in presentation format.

The Google Earth authoring tools allow you to create custom tours, mark locations, display this information in presentation format, etc.

As Google shows in its tutorial, the process is quite simple, and we can use this tool in various ways. We can draw lines in different parts of the map to create an open route, establish a starting point and a return point or create "closed" routes to narrow down the itinerary more specifically. The whole process is done very easily, having as tools the search engine to locate the places, a liner and a button to add markers.

Image 2019 11 20 16 24 01 This is how Google Earth's creation tools look.

Once we have created our route, we can share it in presentation format. In this presentation, we have a fairly complete editor in which we can add images, titles and others, to share the routes in a quite colorful way.

If we do not want to create the presentation, and leave only the points of the route marked, there is no problem. The elements that we add to the project will be saved and can be viewed from our mobile phone.

Earth PC creations can be viewed on iOS and Android through the application.

As we anticipated, These functions only reach, for the moment, the desktop version, but we can see and share these tours on our mobile phone. When opening the Google Earth application, both on iOS and Android, we have only to go to the 'Projects' section.

Once here, we open it from Google Drive (you can also open the KML file), and you will see the route. In the same way, Once opened, it will be saved on your phone, so in the projects section you can see all the ones that you have created on the PC.

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