Released in 2019 on PS4, Days Gone was a new license developed by Bend Studio. Far from being perfect, the game offered good ideas that made it a very interesting title. Many players were able to be seduced by this title which won a nice little commercial success. So, logically, many are waiting for the arrival of a sequel on PS5. Alas, it may take a little time …

Days Gone 2 discontinued by Sony


Shortly after the release of the first opus, Bend Studio got to work on Days Gone 2 with the ambition to do better. The studio will quickly be cut off by Sony. We learn through an article by Jason Schreier on Bloomerg, that PlayStation has stopped the development of the game, to put Bend Studio on two other projects in collaboration with Naughty Dog (the creators of The Last Of Us and Uncharted).

The first concerns a Naughty Dog multiplayer game on which Bend Studio was to provide development support. The second project was a new release from Uncharted, which this time was to be developed by Bend Studio with support from Naughty Dog.

Jason Schreier goes on to indicate that the teams at Bend Studio did not take a very positive view of this rapprochement with Naughty Dog.

Bend developers feared they would be absorbed into Naughty Dog, and studio executives asked to be removed from Project Uncharted. They won last month and are now working on a new game of their own.

The question now is whether Naughty Dog has taken over the Uncharted project in order to offer a new opus (or a remake)? Or if this project was abandoned following the withdrawal of Bend Studio.

Another question concerns the new game specific to Bend Studio. Has the studio been given permission to resume work on Days Gone 2? Bloomberg says Sony no longer wants to take any risk with their various games and focus on “safe values”.

This fixation on the teams which chain the hits creates unrest in the portfolio of Sony game studios. Bend, based in Oregon and best known for open-world action game Days Gone (2019), tried unsuccessfully to present a sequel that year, according to people familiar with the proposal. Although the first game was profitable, it had been slow in development and critical reception was mixed, so a Days Gone 2 was not seen as a viable option.

What is certain is that Bend Studio and Naughty Dog are working together on the development of a multiplayer game that could well be the online mode of The Last Of Us Part.II.