That night, Capcom hosted a Resident Evil Showcase, an hour-long show to unveil the future of licensing in video games and beyond! New presentation and release date of Resident Evil Village, announcement (and release) of a first demo on PS5, announcement of RE: Verse which will be a multiplayer mode featuring many iconic characters from the saga.

Capcom also took advantage of the event to do a little reminder on Resident Evil: Darkness, the 3D CGI animated film expected for the coming months on Netflix.

Resident Evil Village: A Demo Available Now

Resident Evil Village PS5 Demo

© Capcom

Let’s start directly with the first good news. PS5 players can now download the “Maiden” demo which will allow you to discover a passage of Resident Evil Village (which will not be integrated in the final version of the game). A demo which will not offer any fights but which will allow you to take the temperature on the atmosphere of this new opus.

The demo should arrive for Spring on PC and Xbox Series X / Series S.

Resident Evil Village: See you on May 7, 2021

It’s official, Resident Evil Village will land on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC… But also on PS4 and Xbox One from May 7, 2021. Of course, purchasing the game on PS4 and Xbox One is your purchase. will allow you to upgrade your game for free to next-gen if you are not yet lucky enough to have a PS5 or an Xbox Series X / S.

As in Resident Evil 7, you will play Ethan Winters in scary baroque-looking places with a small dose of spiritualism and certain aspects that make you think of a certain Resident Evil 4. Especially since Capcom has chosen to come back to a crafting system very similar to this opus so appreciated by fans.

During the Showcase, Capcom recalled that one of the most important things of this next installment will be to “Block attacks”. Is this a little clue to tell us that items to defend yourself will be scarce in the village?

RE – Verse: A multiplayer with a five-star cast

After the multiplayer of RE 3 Remake “Project Resistance” which is far from being unanimous, Capcom is back with a more ambitious project. Introducing RE: Verse, an online mode that will feature many iconic characters from the Resident Evil saga. Little information yet, but this first teaser is enough to make us impatient.

Capcom specifies that a partnership with Ubisoft will allow players to unlock Resident Evil outfits in The Division 2 game soon. At the same time, players who fall for RE: Village will get a free comic filter to play online.

Darkness, the Netflix adaptation

Finally, to end this emotional evening, Capcom recalled that the “Darkness” project is still in production. As a reminder, this is a new 3D CGI animated film, announced in 2020 and which should arrive soon on the Netflix platform.