On June 7, Apple will launch its virtual WWDC conference and normally, the firm will also present the software innovations of its ecosystem, in preparation for the release of new products in the second half of the year. The star of this event will undoubtedly be iOS 15. However, many Apple Watch users are also eagerly awaiting the presentation of Watch OS 8, the new version of the company’s watch operating system.

While waiting for this presentation, a designer made a concept to show what the next version of WatchOS could look like. Probably inspired by the rumors he read on the web, Angelo Libero Designs first made a name for himself by posting renderings. And this week he’s also posting a video.

Angelo Libero has imagined the following new features for the Apple Watch interface: widgets, AirTag integration, a redesign of the control center, the App Library, a low power consumption mode, a shop watch faces, the ability to use Siri even when you’re not connected to the internet, new apps and… FaceTime calls.

But of course, caution is required, since for the moment, no official information regarding WatchOS 8 has yet been released. The good news is that we should have the list of new features within a few days. Thus, we will know if Angelo Libero has managed to guess the novelties of the Apple Watch.

Rumors are also circulating about the Apple Watch

As for the hardware, there are also rumors circulating about the next watches that Apple will release this year. For example, according to a source, the Cupertino company intends to propose a version for extreme sports of the Apple Watch. This would have the same functionality as the standard version, but it could have better impact resistance, thanks to a special coating.

For monitoring health and well-being, Apple has reportedly planned two new sensors: a sensor that measures the level of sugar in the blood, and another sensor which measures the level of alcohol in the blood. Thus, the next Apple watches could for example warn the user if he has drunk too much and ask him not to get behind the wheel.

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By: Keleops AG