Announced as a real revolution in the world of video games, Cloud Gaming is struggling to find a place and seduce players. At least, the new players in the industry like Amazon and Google are struggling to establish themselves. Microsoft is leading the way with XCloud and its incredible Game Pass Ultimate offer.

On the “new” side, it’s a disaster for Google, which doesn’t really seem to know where to go with Stadia. Recently, we learned that the company had just closed its two development studios and considered changing direction. Is this already the end of the Stadia that we have known for a year?

For its part, Amazon has formalized its arrival in Cloud Gaming in September 2020 with Luna. But again, nothing seems to be right for the e-commerce giant.

Amazon’s New CEO Wants to Support Gaming

Luna Amazon controller

© Amazon

Last month, we learned that after 27 years at the head of Amazon, its iconic CEO and founder Jeff Bezos was going to pass the baton. The man will not leave the company, but will now occupy the role of executive chairman. This is how Andy Jassy, ​​the current CEO of Amazon Web Services, will replace Jeff Bezos at the head of the company.

Precisely, the future boss of Amazon wasted no time in announcing that he supported the Gaming branch. In an interview with Bloomberg, Andy Jassy confirms that the company will not let go of Gaming and that it will persist as long as it takes to take off and succeed in this area.

Some companies take off in the first year, others take longer. While we haven’t been consistently successful with AGS yet, I believe we’ll get there if we hang on.

Andy Jassy, ​​future CEO of Amazon

Since their creation in August 2012, Amazon Game Studios have not had the opportunity to shine. The latter even seem completely neglected. In a recent study, Bloomberg revealed the big problems within the studios. Contrary to the usual surveys, the journalist Jason Schreier did not point out the development problems (crunch, pressure, working time…), but the ignorance of the teams in the world of gaming.

We learn that Mike Frazzini, the current vice-president of Amazon’s Gaming branch, does not have a great knowledge of video games.

The team were shocked when Frazzini struggled to differentiate between hyper-polished concept imagery and live gameplay, a sign that he didn’t understand the technology.

Anonymous Developer Amazon Game Studios

At the moment, Amazon’s Luna service is in beta in the United States. No arrival date for France has been announced for the moment.