The lawsuit and the economic threats that Elon Musk raised last weekend have just led to a decision at Tesla. The Fremont plant, which produces vehicles for the American and European markets, reopens despite the ban. In Alameda County, where the plant is located north of San José, the measures advised by California governor Gavin Newsom are not in effect, and this has been enough to anger the billionaire.

In a tweet released Monday, May 11, late afternoon, Elon Musk made it explicit that the production lines have resumed operations. "Tesla restarts production today against Alameda County rules", said the man on the social network to the blue bird, also specifying that he will be present in the enclosure, and that "If someone is arrested, I ask that it be only me."

As a reminder, the Fremont production chains have been closed since March 23. At that time, Tesla had already struggled to keep the plant open, claiming to take the necessary steps to make the work compatible with the barrier gestures of the COVID-19 epidemic. A month and a half later, Tesla released a 37-page report detailing its return-to-work measures.

Employees are now asked to come back to work, but Tesla has told them they are free to stay at home if they don't feel well. The difference ? From now on, their holidays will not be covered by the electric car manufacturer.

The state says yes, the county says no

Tuesday, the outcome of these problems with the relaunch of Tesla's business in Fremont should be found. But since Elon Musk's tweet yesterday, it is difficult to know that she will be the reaction of the authorities. Normally, Alameda County is still following its position on refusing to reopen these non-core businesses until the end of May.

But California governor Gavin Newsom was told this weekend that he had "Very constructive conversations" with county officials and Tesla officials, before adding himself that reopening would be possible " from next week ".

Behind the more or less serious threats of a relocation of Tesla's headquarters in Texas or Nevada, there is a production of the entire current range of Tesla, including the new Model Y. Obviously, the epidemic of COVID-19 is also affecting Tesla's economic health at the start of the year – despite a green first quarter.

Factory shutdown weeks will have been costly for Tesla, which paid the salaries of its employees. As our colleagues from The Verge, Tesla appears to be the first US automaker to resume exercise. Ford and General Motors will wait until the end of the month. Behind their economic needs, the teams of the two brands know the powerful United Auto Worker union.