Expected as the flagship game for the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Halo Infinite has undergone a very complicated development. During its presentation at the Xbox Showcase in July 2020, Microsoft was forced to apologize for the quality of the game following the dissatisfaction of the players and Halo was pushed back a year with a new release date set for fall 2021.

After many rumors around a possible postponement to 2022 and the cancellation of the Xbox One versions, we learn today that the development of the game is going well and that Halo Infinite is soon finished. Indeed, according to Quinn DelHoyo, sandbox designer at 343 Industries, the game is ready and entering its final phase of development with the final tweaks to be carried out.

Halo: Master Chief on report in 2021

Halo Infinite E3 2019

© 343 Industries

Last August, some insiders were not very reassuring around Halo Infinite. Today, it is the studio in charge of development which wishes to reassure players by announcing that the game is soon ready. This precision is provided by Quinn DelHoyo, sandbox designer at 343 Industries in the lines of the site Halo Waypoint.

All of our launch content is in-game and played on a daily basis, but it takes a considerable amount of effort to go from 90% to 100% launch quality. So we’re doing our best to fix bugs and adjust our stuff to look good as we get closer and closer to launch.

The man therefore indicates that the game is over and that all the content is present in it. All the teams are thus positioned on the “test” part to ensure that no bugs spoil the experience of the players when the game is released.

Still according to Quinn DelHoyo, the developers are also working on improving the visual renderings so that they come as close as possible to the visions of artists that we have seen through artworks or other trailers.

We take the time to evaluate the visuals for certain elements of the open world in an effort to make sure they appear the way the art directors intended. As a result, there are some elements of the sandbox that we previously showed that might get a facelift here and there when you see them again.

Finally, 343 Industries specifies that updates will arrive after the release of the game. We even have the right to a few small details on this subject.

The team is very busy. We have everyone fixing bugs on our launch content and exciting efforts are underway for future updates – like new vehicles, new gear, etc.

It therefore seems on track for Halo Infinite which confirms its release window for this end of the year. We hope that the teams will not encounter other problems and that the next presentation of the game will succeed in seducing the players!