Volkswagen e-BULLI

Have you dreamed of driving a Volkswagen Combi T1 with an electric motor, all with road holding worthy of a modern vehicle? Volkswagen did it: e-BULLI was born!

Converting a T1 Samba from the 60s into an electric vehicle is now possible thanks to the partnership between the company eClassics and Volkswagen. The result is rather impressive.

e-BULLI: a successful electrical conversion

For this electric version of the Combi, Volkswagen has chosen as a working base a T1 Samba from 1966. The original engine, displaying 44 horsepower, has been replaced by an electric version of 61kW, or around 83 horsepower. The engine torque soars to 212Nm instead of the original 102.

To power this new engine, the petrol tank, which has become useless, gives way to a 45 kWh battery ensuring a theoretical autonomy of 200 km. The charging socket is cleverly concealed behind the rear license plate. It will only take 40 minutes to go from 0 to 80% of charge on a fast charging station type CCS delivering 50kW.

In addition to no longer emitting CO2 during its use, the e-BULLI displays modern performances with a top speed which can now reach 130 km / h, much more current than the original version with its thermal engine which topped out at 105 km / h. To do this, the undercarriages have been revised and corrected with a modern adjustable suspension, a new power steering and 4 ventilated disc brakes. All of this ensures better handling and greater safety for its occupants.

Volkswagen e-BULLI

Neo-retro look and electric motorization, the winning duo

In addition to its electric motorization, the interior and exterior look of the T1 Samba from 1966 has been brought up to date: LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights type AngelEyes, high quality leather interior and wooden floor, MP3 car radio with vintage look, GPS screen, completely restored bodywork, sunroof in canvas and new chassis specially designed for electrification.

eClassics, German specialist in retrofits, offers this conversion in collaboration with Volkswagen. The latter contributes to the project by supplying parts for its catalog of electric vehicles. This partnership makes it possible to modernize a vehicle of more than half a century by bringing it all the advantages of modern technology without distorting its original lines. eClassics will also offer conversion of T2 and T3 vans.

e-BULLI will not remain just a simple prototype, it should soon be marketed. A full conversion should cost € 64,900. A great achievement pending the arrival of the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz planned for 2022 which will be available with a battery of 83 or 111 kWh of your choice.

Source: Electrek.