BMW Vision M Next

Hans Zimmer was responsible for giving a voice to the future BMW Vision M Next.

Hans Zimmer is a German composer who has signed the soundtracks of some cult films as Thelma & Louise, The Lion King, The Dark Knight or Inception. This is the same Hans Zimmer was chosen by BMW, to sound the Vision M Next.

Hans Zimmer for the BO BMW Vision M Next!

Indeed, BMW and the composer have joined forces to give voice to this future electric model. Note that the manufacturer has even created a specific division, called IconicSounds Electric, still with Hans Zimmer, who will be responsible for managing the sound environment aboard the brand's electric cars.
For BMW, it is obviously about creating the sounds of the electric mobility of tomorrow and regenerating the emotions so dear to the brand, obtained in particular from the thermal side with large shots of V8 or six-cylinder blocks.

Source: Top Gear