With its assisted flight functions and HD video sensors, the children's drone is the promise of an exceptional gaming experience. To allow your children to take full advantage of this flying machine, bet on the best devices, to draw from the models of this top 10. They are powerful, ultra-design and no less easy to handle. On the program, races, selfies, hunting for the most beautiful images or obstacle courses.

The Avialogic Q9 RC, a luminous children's drone

Light up the sky with this bright child drone at avant-garde design. The Avialogic Q9 RC is equipped with green and blue LEDs at the level of the protection rings of the 4 rotors. Three lighting modes are available: simultaneous lighting of the 4 circular frames, alternation of the front and rear lights or movement of the light in a circle.

Furthermore, this drone weighs 90 grams and has excellent flight behavior. Its remote control powered by 4 AAA batteries has a range of 80 meters. This model is designed with high quality material which withstands bumps and drops. Thanks to its function of keeping in the air and his three speed, this drone is particularly easy to handle and suitable for even beginners.

Finally, this model also has functions of high speed rotations and 360 ° Flip and Roll in order to make figures. Finally, the flight time of the craft is estimated at 20 minutes.

bright child drone

  • Eachine E520S – GPS WIFI – RC Drone FPV – 4K HD Camera – 3 Batteries – Flight time 16mins Folding Quadcopter Christmas Gift

    Autonomy: 16 min – Drone range: 300 m – Integrated camera: Yes – Wi-Fi: Yes – Drone

  • Drone Complex with sophisticated mechanics

Snaptain H823H Plus, a mini armored drone for children

The Snaptain H823H Plus, this mini drone for children, immediately surprises with its 4 armored rotors. His small dimensions the size of an adult's hand also makes its particularity. Small of course, but this indoor drone has everything it needs. With its three speed (low, medium, high) everyone can drive at their own pace. This model also includes the headless fashion to facilitate piloting.

When activated, the drone will fly according to the position of the pilot (and the remote control) without taking into account the front / rear orientation. Always for better handling and easier control of the device, take advantage of the function altitude maintenance.

The most seasoned try their hand at loops thanks to the mode Flip 360 °. With its three batteries, enjoy a flight experience of around twenty minutes. The low weight of the aircraft, the quality of the material and the fuselage protections make it a impact resistant drone.

mini drone for children

Go Revell video to capture images

Are you looking for a child drone with a camera? The model Go Video from Revell is one of the best devices on the market. This drone is designed for children over 12 years old. In addition, it is strongly recommended to keep small children away from the device.

This drone has all the features of a latest generation drone: multiple speed levels, looping, headless fashion, etc. It’s a particularly handy device that adapts to all users, even beginners. The power of its Li-Po battery ensures a long flight experience.

The flagship component of this drone remains its 480p camera to capture photos and video. This model at dsleek, graphic design withstands drops and shocks. However, it comes with spare blades for rotors if necessary. This drone with a wingspan of 29 cm for 88 grams is only suitable for a indoor use.

child drone capture

My First Drone from Oaxis, like a flying saucer air!

A drone for toddlers ? Yes, it exists. My First Drone by Oaxis is one of the most popular models among users. The rotor blades are fully protected by a cage. The latter makes the use of the drone completely safe for children while participating in the design of the device. This element gives it an air of flying saucer or spaceship which further improves the playful dimension of the toy.

Still in terms of design, this child drone is available in blue and pink. Very handy, this drone is equipped with 5 anti-crash sensors to avoid collisions.

It also has a altitude sensor limiting the flight to a height of no more than 3 meters. However, in the event of a fall, this drone designed in ABS plastic withstands shock very well. My First Drone can be piloted both indoors and outdoors however, avoid windy areas.

  • Mad Rock – Drone High Volume – Climbing shoes size 9.5, black / gray

    Mad Rock – Drone High Volume – Climbing shoes – color Black / Gray, size 9.5, Other offers from Mad Rock – at Alpiniste.fr

  • Miniature drone 4K GPS smartphone WIFI FPV Maintains altitude air pressure


The Aerial Quadcopter, a futuristic drone for children

TheAerial Quadcopter is a drone for children that plays in the big leagues. Already, on the design side, the device displays a sleek and futuristic look.

In addition, the body entirely dressed in black and the blades of the same color add a touch of elegance to the device. Among its functions, this drone benefits from headless fashion which makes steering easier. However, this model requires a certain level to master the flight. This aircraft flies in all directions.

he plane in height, can descend gradually, go forward and back or left and right. It also has a function that allows the pilot to perform loops. Its remote control powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) has a range of 50 meters. Its rechargeable battery also allows estimated flight time about 7 minutes. Then count around fifty minutes to recharge it via the supplied USB cable.

The X11C drone with camera for children signed Syma

For 10 years, Syma is developing ever more innovative drones for all ages. In the range of child drones, the model X11C is one of the best devices on the market.

This quadrotors available for children from 14 years old can be piloted in any type of environment, indoor or outdoor. This ultra design drone is very easy to use, handy with some precise commands which are ideal for amateurs. In addition to flying in all directions (up / down, forward / backward, left / right), the aircraft can flip.

This drone is also equipped with a 720p HD camera located on the front of the device. Capture and save photos and videos to its menu micro SD with a capacity of 4GB. The X11C has a battery which allows fly 7 to 8 minutes on average. The powerful LEDs on the front and rear from the drone produce a nice effect in the dark and allow you to experience night flying.

Airborne Night Blaze, a mini night drone for children

TheAirborne Night Blaze is designed and developed by Parrot. The brand is known for its high-tech products intended for the general public.

This mini drone of the brand is presented as a real technological gem. With two powerful LEDs on the front which act as headlights, this drone is a device of choice for a night flight with a maximum speed of 18 km / hour. In addition, the lighting benefits from a wide distribution which further improves piloting in the dark. You can also adjust the light intensity as needed.

If the Airborne Night Blaze is specially designed for the night, nothing prevents you from experiencing the daytime flights. Compact and light, this child drone is very easy to handle. In the air, he is alive. Regarding its design side, this drone sports a red skin enhanced with yellow that does not lack pace especially when you engage it in loops, downhill or speed.

The mini drone for children signed JoyGeek

The Joygeek brand offers a full range of high-tech gadgets ranging from connected watches to mini drone for children. With its small dimensions (12.5 x 11.2 x 2.8 cm), the latter offers a very great maneuverability.

Also, piloting is very easy on this quadcopter. Just put it on ON, wait until the light is blue and the drone automatically levitates. The child will only have to guide him left or right, forward or backward, up or down. It can also perform 360 ° loops. To further facilitate piloting, simply activate the headless fashion.

The device is also perfectly secured, the rotor blades being enclosed in protective rings. This drone equipped with LED lends itself very well to darkness flights. This model is designed for children of all ages, from 3 years.

  • EACHINE Drone E58 – Wifi RC – 2MP 720P – Wide angle camera – 3 batteries

    Customers' favorite product for "drone"

  • MONDO Ultra Drone X40.0 VR MASK Radio Controlled + Wi-Fi Camera

The foldable mini drone of the brand Drocon

In its catalog, the Drocon brand specializing in the design and development of drones has a range designed for great beginners and children. This foldable mini drone is part of. This storage mode is on the list of advantages of this device. It is the same for the security of children ensured by the protections of the propellers of the rotors.

Besides, this model is very easy to fly thanks in particular to its takeoff / landing button but also thanks to headless fashion. As soon as you turn it on, the drone positions itself in height. You just have to direct it.

You can also perform loops with this device. This drone has three speed choice: low, medium and high. Its battery allows it flight time of about 5 to 7 minutes. It is available for children 6 years and older.

The AA108, a drone with camera from Altair Aerial

The American company Altair Aerial is also known for its many models of drone for children and beginners, among which is theAA108. His avant-garde design already evokes the many technologies embedded by this device. This last one is equipped with an HD 720 camera. It's about a 120 degree wide angle FPV type camera (First Person View) in real time.

To capture beautiful images and quality videos, this is the drone for you. For flight functionality, this AA108 model has the takeoff / landing button, has three levels of piloting (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Among the functions, you have the altitude hold, the headless fashion, thereemergency landing or againlow battery alarm. The average flight time is around 10 minutes.

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