We all know the famous Rubik’s Cube, this six-sided, six-color object that has fascinated entire generations and has occupied us all many hours in order to be able to bring all the colored faces together. A puzzle that will celebrate its 47 years in 2021.

And precisely, it is also in 2021 that the “tech” version of the Rubik’s Cube will arrive on the market. Her name ? The WOWCube. An object of 335 grams, with a height of 7 centimeters, with 24 screens, with 8 hours of autonomy and already 13 games. A real new video game console.

What is the WOWCube?

The WOWCube is an object similar to a simple cube. However, this cube has 24 screens. And when the 24 mini screens activate, you discover a new and incredible experience from a smart and educational device. The 24 high-resolution mini-displays are linked to eight stand-alone modules combined together. It is thus possible to manipulate the cube like a real Rubik’s Cube by turning its faces, making twists and more.

Each module of the WOWCube is autonomous thanks to its revolutionary new operating system and a CPU discreetly integrated into each module of the cubes connected to each other to share data.

The WOWCube is therefore an innovative connected object making it possible to play and educate children in a fun way. You can connect the Cube to your smartphone via Bluetooth, or put it near your PC. When not in use, it can be placed on its charging station where it becomes, among other things, an intelligent night light or a digital weather station. The 24 screens can thus be used independently allowing you to display all the information you need, such as exchange rates, the weather in Los Angeles or the time in London.

It can also be a decorative object and offer several educational programs for children. The WOWCube comes with five pre-installed games and ten more games are available on the WOWCube Playstore.

How was the WOWCube project born?

Winner of the Audience Award at CES in Las Vegas last year, the WOWCube is finally arriving in final version and will unveil its price, release date and pre-order date at CES Las Vegas 2021 to be held from 11 to January 14, 2021.

The concept of the WOWCube was invented by Savva Osipov in 2016 in the city of Novato, California. The young American was then 12 years old. During long months, many sketches and other patents will be put in place by Savva and his father in order to propose a first prototype in spring 2017. In June of the same year, the prototype is presented at the University of Berkley in Los Angeles.

The Cube will be officially presented at a first convention in May 2018 during the Maker Faire in Santa Clara, California. In March 2019, the company signed a partnership with Shenzhen for the manufacture of the WOWCube. During the year 2020, the Cube will win several awards and the first final test versions will be produced.