Equipped with three wheels, a powerful engine and a handle, the YX One is described by its designers as " the ultimate off-road eBoard ". This electric vehicle, which can be likened to a kind of skateboard, stands out from the classic ranges by its design, and promises a new experience to its users.

Scooters, Segways, Hoverboards … In recent years, more and more vehicles have found their way into the thriving market of electric urban mobility. If the latter saw the birth of atypical devices, such as the Bajaboard Pantera or the Audi E-Tron scooter, the YX One does not seem stingy with novelties to appeal to extreme sports enthusiasts.

Thought for rough terrain

This off-road skateboard is based on three wheels, two at the front and one at the back. It has a 1.5 kW electric motor and a handle to control it. To use it, you have to position yourself as on a skateboard, a leg between the front wheels and a whole at the back. The handle, meanwhile, is equipped with a brake, and helps to stabilize, especially during sharp turns or jumps.

Although it can be used in the city, the YX One has been especially designed for other types of terrain: beaches, trails, fields … It is indeed equipped with large tires (13 inches at the back, or 33 centimeters) and an integrated suspension system. The handle also makes it possible to make a rear wheel in order to avoid possible obstacles.

Commercialization planned for 2020

Side speed, the YX One can reach 40 km / h. Its battery gives it an autonomy of 60 kilometers, it will be necessary however to review this figure downward, about 32 kilometers, if it is used on a rough ground, as underlines it New Atlas. For the time being, the lucky few to have tested this innovative machine have made rather positive returns.

Presented on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, this exceptional vehicle has almost reached the 20 000 € requested by its designer. The latter announces already that his invention will be produced on a large scale in early 2020, and should begin deliveries in the summer of the same year.

If you're interested in the YX One, you can pre-order it with a 51% discount for $ 1,099.

Source: Electrek