Facebook will soon welcome a dark mode – Geeko

The dark display is particularly fashionable lately. Whether on the side of applications or operating systems, it is one of the major concerns of developers. Apple has made it his workhorse with iOS 13 that introduced this feature in a native way. Android is also involved. In the meantime, some applications already offer it, including Messenger and Instagram, properties of Facebook.

Positive feedback from users of both apps seems to have convinced Mark Zuckerberg's company to offer a gloomy mode on its main social network,
Facebook. As reports Android Police, several users have also been able to preview. For some, the Facebook application has unexpectedly switched to dark, before returning to normal.

A plus for the battery

Beyond keeping your eyes safe when surfing at night, the dark mode offers a significant advantage over smartphones equipped with OLED screens. Indeed, with this type of display, blacks are not lit, they are deeper, but it allows especially to preserve the battery. A good thing for smartphones with limited autonomy.

As to whether and when the dark mode will actually land on the Facebook application, difficult to know. It may be that it takes a few more weeks, even a few months before you can enjoy it.