Confirmed measures announced around the world have exploded internet traffic. Since people stay at home, they need to be entertained online. And for the past few days, we have even wondered if the infrastructure will hold up. Fortunately, video streaming services have been very responsive. In Europe, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have already reduced their speeds, in order to relieve the network. YouTube, which has decided to use the default standard definition, has just announced that it will apply the measures taken in Europe to the rest of the world.

Game download speed will also be affected

Today we learn that Akamai, in turn, will take steps to avoid internet congestion. This company offers a Content Delivery Network service to many services. And in a post this week, she announces how she will handle increases in global traffic.

And among these measures, decided with video game players, including Microsoft and Sony, there is the reduction in the download speed of video games. "In areas where demand creates bottlenecks for customers, we will reduce downloads of gaming software during peak hours, completing downloads at normal fast speeds late at night", we read in the ad. "This approach will help ensure that every internet user and consumer continues to enjoy the high-quality experience they expect on all of their Internet services, and that players always get the download they want, even if it may take more longer than usual during peak periods. "

Sony has also made an announcement to European users on its website to warn that to guarantee internet access for everyone, the company must manage its traffic, which can cause a slowdown in the speed of downloading games. . Sony says, however, that users should continue to enjoy "robust" gameplay.

As a reminder, a few days ago, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the internal market, spoke of the impact of confinement on internet traffic in Europe. He asked Internet users who use video streaming sites to limit themselves to standard definition and to use HD only when it is really necessary.