Last week, we talked to you about a problem with “DualSense Drift” on PS5 controllers. A concern similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift which causes the joysticks to malfunction. The players end up with ghost movements in play (the camera which moves on its own, your character which does not remain still, etc.).

After the big concerns around Switch controllers, the various consumer associations do not intend to make the problem last so long with Sony and its PS5. The American law firm CSK & D is launching a class action suit after receiving numerous testimonials from players who encounter the “DualSense Drift” bug.

Did Sony have hidden the DualSense problem?

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It is therefore in the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York that the American law firm CSK & D filed a class action on February 12. This lawsuit led by Lmarc Turner and other players accuses Sony of hiding the problems of the DualSense from consumers, although the company is aware of the malfunction.

Due to unfair, deceptive and / or fraudulent business practices of Sony, owners of DualSense controllers, including the plaintiff, have suffered a verifiable loss in the game. […] Accordingly, the plaintiff takes this action to remedy the violations of state laws on consumer fraud, breach of warranty and unjust enrichment by Sony. The plaintiff seeks financial compensation for the damage suffered, a declaratory measure and a public injunction.

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For this complaint, GamesIndustry indicates that Lmarc Turner and the law firm are relying on statements from players who are victims of this problem, as well as on statements from Kotaku in their article last week. The magazine pointed out the problem of “DualSense drift”, but also the great difficulties in contacting Sony’s after-sales service.

Customers have to wait a very long time and face a maze of pre-recorded phone messages before finally speaking to a counselor regarding the repairs for the Dualsense Drift issue.

According to many feedback on social networks, after several minutes of struggle to be reimbursed and replace their controller, players had the bad surprise to see that the shipping costs were not covered by Sony.