Over the years, video games have continued to become more and more realistic, offering quite spectacular graphics. The developers push the limits of design and imagination to transport players on incredible adventures. With the arrival of the latest technologies and next-gen consoles, games will gain even more importance in the coming years.

Last year, it was the French studio Asobo Studio which achieved a great feat in modeling the entire Earth for his Microsoft Flight Simulator game. Thus proposing a level of realism never reached. Obviously, Electronic Arts is working on similar things if we believe the latest patent filed by the American firm.

Electronic Arts: More realistic environments than ever?

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It is therefore on the site of the USPTO (a site specializing in the filing of trademarks and patents), that Gamerant came across a patent filed by Electronic Arts. In the latter, the American firm explains its intention to use real-world environments in order to reproduce them in its video games. The idea is therefore to improve the mapping of the real world in games through satellite images and with the procedural generation system.

The satellite images would thus make it possible to reproduce several very realistic environments, while the procedural generation system would be responsible for generating the different worlds automatically with very precise algorithms, as is already the case in the Minecraft video game.

Thanks to this patent, Electronic Arts could offer very realistic environments and save developers many hours. This would allow for a much shorter development time in games and environment creators could focus more on the small details to make games look even better.

At the moment, it is impossible to know if this patent will end up being validated and used by EA, or if it will remain at the stage of ideas. In any case, this is the kind of technology that could perfectly match the next installment of the Battlefield series, which is scheduled for presentation this spring and the release for the holiday season 2021.