Tesla pickup

Elon Musk continues to entertain the mystery around Tesla's future electric pickup. Recently, he made a statement that could testify to his desire to see the future model be sold to the US Army.

Do the tech giants have to serve the military industry? The question remains delicate and the answers diverge. For example, if last year, Google gave up a potential contract with the Pentagon, for its part, Elon Musk already collaborates with the US Air Force via its space company SpaceX.

A lighthouse call to the US military

And relations between the entrepreneur and the US Army could soon intensify. In any case, this is the interpretation that can be made of his recent statement, which occurred during an event dedicated to the US Air Force.

But this time, it was not a question of talking about flying machines, but of evoking what is almost becoming an Arlesian: the future of electric pickup Tesla. The boss of the car manufacturer tackled the subject in these terms: " We will soon be releasing Tesla's electric pickup, which we call the Cybertruck. It looks like an armored personnel carrier coming from the future ". And this is not the first time that the leader uses such a military vocabulary to designate the future model.

Should we conclude that there is a foot call to the United States Army? One can suspect it, even if it is difficult to be categorical. Be that as it may, such commercialization to the military industry would involve many requirements, especially from the point of view of autonomy.

Futuristic design

Moreover, in his speech, Elon Musk once again praised the design of the Cybertruck: " On the road, it will seem to be straight out of a movie set ". A statement echoing the previous ones from the contractor, who had already described the look of the pickup futuristic And worthy of the sci-fi movie Blade Runner.
This, however, does not give much precision as to the true visual appearance of the craft. Waiting for its release, scheduled this month, so we must be content with some snippets of information, such as a photo supposed to represent a piece of the vehicle.

Source: Electrek