In March 2019, Capcom launched Devil May Cry 5, a new opus doped with RE Engine. A good episode overall, but far from constituting the best opus of the saga as the test of the game brilliantly indicated in the columns of Squeezer. At the time, we ticked in particular on ” a very repetitive progression (corridor, enemies, corridor, enemies …), a level design very little inspired (especially in the second half of the game), a very choppy rhythm (these loads, these flashbacks …), a camera not really at the top , but also to some very shifted sequences, sometimes bordering on parody. In 2020, the game is back, with the promise of a Special Edition.

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Devil May Cry 5: the “Special Edition” in test!

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is therefore coming just in time to accompany the launch of the new Xbox Series X and PS5. A version ” boosted Of the base game, which promises to take advantage of the capabilities of the new next-gen consoles, while offering more content.

Xbox DMC SE Test

Thus, at launch, the player will be able to opt for various types of visual rendering, with the possibility of activating a high ray-tracing, a 4K resolution and a frame rate in 30 fps, or on the contrary, limit the ray-tracing for a game in 60 fps, but in Full HD. Without ray-tracing, it is possible to climb up to 120 fps (provided of course you have a Smart TV or a compatible monitor).

Visually, the ray-tracing brings something, it is undeniable, but it is not day and night either compared to the original version. The first few levels are best able to demonstrate this technology, but in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to see a real difference.

Xbox DMC SE Test

By the way, if you are playing on Xbox Series S, do not look for the option to activate ray-tracing, since the latter is simply not available on the “full demat” console from Microsoft.

Beyond these few graphic options, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition also brings (and especially) new in terms of content. It is thus possible to opt for a new difficulty mode Legendary Dark Knight, not to mention a Turbo mode, which boosts the general speed of the game by around 20%.

Xbox DMC SE Test

Vergil to the rescue

Added to this is the presence of a brand new playable character, namely Vergil, which offers new weapons and quite different gameplay. The possibility of playing the brother of Dante is THE big news in reality of this Special Edition, but we still regret a rather sloppy integration side staging, without cutscenes or other script elements.

Xbox DMC SE Test

Note that this Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition does not have any form of Smart Delivery or other Free PS5 Upgrade. Understand that no free update will turn your Devil May Cry 5 of 2019 into this “new” Special Edition version. These are indeed two “different” games, each of which offers its own list of trophies / achievements for those who are interested.

Xbox DMC SE Test

And for the little info, this Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition obviously loads faster than the original version on Xbox One X… but it should be noted that the loading times are exactly the same on Xbox Series X, as you play the basic version, or this Special Edition version. For the rest, the game retains the qualities and flaws of the original game, with a really successful start, but a much (much…) less inspired second half.

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Our opinion on Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

No good / bad surprises with this Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5, since we find the original game with its qualities and faults. The whole benefits from a ray-tracing treatment to flatter our eyes, and justify a little the passage to the next-gen, but it is especially the new game modes and the possibility of playing Vergil that constitute the real novelties here. . Currently, Capcom’s game is only available in dematerialized version, but it will be available in physical version at the beginning of December. Count € 39.99 all the same to (re) play Devil May Cry 5 in the Special Edition version… Is it expensive? Yes. Too expensive ? Yes.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

€ 39.99

DMC 5 Special Edition test

WE love

  • Vergil, very pleasant to play
  • New graphics options
  • New game modes
  • Some excellent passages (at the beginning)

We like less

  • Ray-tracing yes, good …
  • Devil May Cry 5 with its qualities and faults …
  • Loads perfectly identical to the basic version on Xbox Series X
  • This exorbitant selling price …