Still on the program for release at the end of 2020 (probably in November), the new next-gen consoles are getting more and more attention. In the current context, is it really possible to see the PS5 and the Xbox Series X be there for Christmas? Will production lines, distribution, communication, and many other things be kept on schedule by Sony and Microsoft? For the moment, the two manufacturers are still confident. If the games start to be postponed (like The Last Of Us Part II which is postponed to an unknown date), on the console side, the plans always seem on schedule. Better yet, we should soon hear a lot of information about the PS5 and the Xbox Series X next month!

PlayStation 5 unveiled on May 19?

PS5 DualSense controller

© PlayStation

While for two weeks now we have known the "DualSense", the new controller of the PlayStation 5 which marks a turning point in the history of the brand, players are now very impatient to discover the console. Will it be two-tone with black and white touches like the controller? Or will Sony offer two PS5s to choose from in black or white? Will the console have a futuristic design? So many unanswered questions that could quickly find one, in less than a month. Indeed, Daniel Ahmad, a reputable analyst in the video game industry, has announced that Microsoft and PlayStation will be speaking soon for the presentation of the next-gen. An appointment which would be fixed for May 19 on the PlayStation 5 side. Then two meetings for Microsoft at the end of May and at the beginning of June. Daniel Ahmad said that on the PS5 side, it would be an event to unveil the console.

Still on the PS5 side, a developer spoke about the famous "create" button of the DualSense. A button which will have the function of replacing the "Share" key. Here is what the latter was able to teach us:

The Create button works much like the Share button but takes advantage of an essential new feature with the Creation Studio, an application launched using the Create button. The real-time editing tool you have is similar to what nvidia shadowplay offers.

There is a good chance that this feature will be introduced in the coming weeks. Why not during this new event (which is still not officialized by PlayStation).

New logo for Xbox Series X coming soon?

New Xbox Series X Logo


The first important thing around Microsoft is the deposit of this new logo for the Xbox Series X. We can see a much more worked design than the basic logo which was to be an alternative while waiting to officially launch the communication. The shape of the logo lets us think more and more that Microsoft offers a range with several different consoles. The "Series" on the side with the letter "X" the same size as the word vertically may suggest that Microsoft is preparing other "Series". If we compare with the Xbox One, we might think that the Xbox Series X is the equivalent of the Xbox One X. And that there could therefore be an Xbox Series S (Xbox One S) and an Xbox Series D (Xbox One All Digital Edition). In fact, Microsoft has been rumored to be around the next gen for many months, with the existence of a "Lockheart". A console less powerful than the Series X.

Microsoft: Two events, a new console and games?

Xbox Series S Concept

© Concept Reddit by "jiveduder"

According to the latest rumors from corridors, Microsoft is not preparing one, but two events. A first event at the end of May, as well as a second event for the beginning of June. So of course, all this remains at the level of rumors, since nothing was confirmed by Microsoft. We know in any case that the firm intends to speak in June to unveil its plans originally planned for E3 2020. During this speech, Microsoft should unveil many games for the new generation. Phil Spencer has been announcing for several weeks that E3 should have been a big game for Xbox. So what about the event planned for May?

Since late 2019, Microsoft has adopted aggressive, flawless communication, and gradually reveals all the elements of its new generation. The problem is that everything seems to have been said today. The console and the controller are known. The characteristics and power of the console too. Suddenly, on the hardware side everything seems ready on the Xbox side. So why are two events so close? Would Microsoft have so many games to show that a single conference wouldn't be enough? Or is a second console about to be released by Microsoft?

Many rumors speak of an intermediate console, which would aim to make the link between the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X. A mid-gen console which would be less powerful and less expensive to help the players to make a transition in sweetness towards the next-gen. We are talking about a console with only 4 TFlops (against 12 for the Xbox Series X and 6 for the One X). Suffice to say that concerning this information, doubt is already present. Because we don't see the point of offering a less powerful “next-gen” console than a current console. According to rumors, the peculiarity of this console is that it offers accelerated loading times and limited ray-tracing.

This new console would be called "Xbox Series S". Of course, this is all still in the rumor stage, so we have to wait until Microsoft can confirm the event. Anyway, we are sure that an event will take place on the Xbox side at least in June. Count on us to monitor and follow this live. At the same time, it would seem that Microsoft is preparing a package by ultimate subscription for the release of the Xbox Series X with a bundle containing the console, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold for 34 , 95 € per month.