The American media came to provide some details about the future of Apple products.

It has become increasingly difficult for Apple to keep the future of all its products a secret. And this, because of the American journalist Mark Gurman, who reveals in the financial media Bloomberg everything you need to know about the next devices from the firm to Apple.

Ads that should be formalized in the coming weeks about smartphones, tablets and other computers.

iPhone: an unbeatable zoom

As in previous years, three new iPhones are expected to hit the market in the coming months. We will no longer talk about XR, XS and XS Max, but iPhone Pro. As the many rumors let predict, this new model should be equipped with a triple lens for an even more exceptional photo experience.

This triple camera module should be integrated on the two most high-end models. It would take ultra-wide angle photos. The optical zoom would then be much larger than usual and it should improve the performance of the lens, even when the light is very dark.

On the innovation side, the back of the smartphone would be equipped with a reverse charge system, which would send the battery directly to your discharged AirPods. The only red point of these new models: they would not be compatible with 5G according to Bloomberg, which should be largely offset by the technical characteristics of the devices.

A brand new MacBook Pro

The watchword for this new generation of Apple products is optimization. Bigger and more compact at the same time, this is what the firm at the apple would offer. Still according to the rumors circulating here and there, the next MacBook Pro would have a screen diagonal of 16 inches. This would not prevent it from being always thinner than its predecessors and not being wider than a 15-inch MacBook as currently marketed. Apple puts the big dishes in the small!

Admittedly, this is not the first model to present such a screen. In 2012, it had already been marketed a MacBook measuring 17 inches. But this is the first time that a larger, more compact device has been offered, showing that Apple is once again trying to win over its audience of professionals working on large screens.

iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch evolve slightly

On the side of other products, we can also expect some changes. IPad screens should undergo some changes, going from 9.7 to 10.2 inches at the entry level. The iPad Pro would also enter the market, benefiting, like the iPhone Pro, from a triple camera module.

The AirPods, star of Apple headphones, should, for their part, go upmarket. A brand new waterproof model with better noise reduction is expected, which should sell for more than the current model at € 229.

Finally, the one that will have very little modification is the Apple Watch. The small differences compared to its last model: new finish, new cases and new software, watchOS 6, as presented at WWDC in 2019.

Sources: Bloomberg, 01net