The release of Apple’s new flagship is imminent. And if the apple brand is careful not to reveal anything about its new iPhone, certainly waiting for the start of the school year (or even the beginning of autumn) to present it with great fanfare during its traditional Keynote, there are many rumors that run about it. SFR News make the point.

The iPhone 12, available in 4 models?

While the previous Apple smartphone was available in three versions (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, all available on the SFR store), rumor has it that the next generation will have no less than four. On this subject, all the experts seem to agree. So there would be the iPhone 12, the smallest (and certainly less expensive) of all, from the top of its 5.4 inches. Then the iPhone 12 Max and the iPhone 12 Pro, which would both display a screen size of 6.1 inches. And finally the must of the must, which we expect that it brings together the best of technology, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which should present an impressive 6.7-inch screen.

A 120 Hz ProMotion display for the iPhone 12?

Speaking of screens, one of the questions that arises on the Web is whether the iPhone 12 will have the same panel as the iPad Pro, which benefits, let us recall, from the so-called “ProMotion” technology. Well it seems so, at least in its Pro Max version, if we are to believe some leaks that have recently appeared on the Web. Leakers would have indeed got their hands on said device, and shared in particular captures of its display parameters effectively presenting the screen settings at 120 Hz. A refresh rate that many new smartphones are now reaching (such as the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20, already available on the SFR store), but which here would be able to adapt according to the displayed content. Because the downside of such a frequency, remarkable for watching movies and series or playing video games, is that it is particularly energy intensive. Also allowing the screen to revert to a 60Hz refresh rate the rest of the time would save battery considerably.

Better performance, yet?

The 120 Hz screen is far from being the only technological novelty promised with the iPhone 12. If only at its heart, this next smartphone should benefit from a brand new SoC made by Apple. I named: the A14 Bionic. A small chip which, thanks to an extreme fineness of 5 nm engraving, unheard of according to our colleagues from Geek’s Journal on a mainstream SoC, would be able to break performance records. According to specialists at MacWorld, this would allow the iPhone 12 to match the MacBook Pros in terms of power. Just that. In addition, the noise from the hallway also suggests that, if the most affordable models of the flagship will continue to be limited to 4 GB of RAM, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max would be entitled to 6 GB of RAM. . What certainly ensures unparalleled fluidity.

IPhone 12, the first 5G compatible iPhone?

In the world of mobile telephony, there is another technological revolution that is gradually unfolding. And, although somewhat behind many of its competitors, Apple has finally decided to take the bandwagon with its new iPhone 12. It should a priori be the first smartphone of the brand to embark, finally, the 5G. A connectivity which, being at the least expensive, has also given rise to some theories on the means envisaged by the Cupertino company to offset its cost. Starting with the fact that it could no longer integrate a charger or headphones in the box of the precious … More recently, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, well known in the field, also argued that the autonomy of the The device could also bear the brunt of these small savings, according to the Californian giant preferring to equip its new smartphone with a lower quality battery (which would age especially less well), rather than having to increase the price of its flagship.

A photo module geared towards augmented reality?

As it did on its last iPad Pro, the Californian manufacturer plans to integrate a LiDAR sensor on its two most successful models of the iPhone 12. While the other two would keep the same dual camera module as the iPhone 11 ( composed of a wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lens), the Pro and Pro Max versions should have three, like the iPhone 11 Pro, with this new technology as a bonus. Which makes it possible to manage the depth and in particular to properly map the environment in 3D. Which means, by definition, that it would be perfectly suited for applications that play with augmented reality!

When will the iPhone 12 be released?

Apple having, like everyone else, been inevitably impacted by the pandemic, the question of the presentation of its new little gem remains uncertain. While the iPhone is traditionally expected in September, during the Apple brand’s Keynote, it may well be that its release is postponed this year. Some say, however, that the high mass of the Californian giant could take place as planned, namely in early September. Still, it would seem that the marketing of the device is well delayed, in October as the consensus wants. So it will certainly be necessary to be a little more patient before being able to take the iPhone 12 in hand.

At what price ?

Last but not least, the subject that touches the wallet. We mentioned above the fact that, according to the statements, Apple would not have wanted to increase the price of its next iPhone despite the expensive cost of 5G. Also the least sophisticated model and therefore the most affordable, the iPhone 12 could display a price around 800 euros, just like its predecessor. On the other hand, its original Max version could reach 900 euros according to experts. And given the many technological innovations that the new Pro and Pro Max models should benefit from, these could be subject to a small price increase. According to a report by analysis firm TrendForce, the iPhone 12 Pro could thus be marketed at more than 1,200 euros (against 1,159 euros for the iPhone 11 Pro), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at more than 1,300 euros (against 1,259 euros for the iPhone 11 Pro Max).

Here you are briefed on everything we know about the future iPhone 12 at the moment! We just have to wait a little longer before seeing if the hearsay is correct. In the meantime, you can still find previous Apple smartphones on the SFR store !

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