In this time of confinement, watching live streaming has become one of the favorite activities for many people. If Twitch inevitably remains the industry leader, other platforms like Microsoft's: Mixer, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming are gaining ground.

In recent months, the Facebook Gaming tab has been increasingly highlighted on the social network of the same name, but today, Mark Zuckerberg and his teams have decided to take another step.

A Facebook spokesperson has told the New York Times that a Facebook Gaming mobile application should be launched on Monday, April 20, 2020. If this is not yet the case for you, it is very likely that in a few days hours you can use the app on iOS and Android. Given the success reaped by Twitch, Facebook logically wanted to take a piece of the cake by distinguishing its streaming platform from its aging social network.

Live streaming brings huge benefits to platforms. We will once again take the most egregious example, last year Twitch touched $ 300 million thanks in particular to advertising, subscriptions, etc.

As surprising as it may seem, no advertising will be displayed on Facebook Gaming when it is launched. Knowing the actions of the company, in a few weeks we should see the first advertisements appear. However, Facebook has set up a kind of virtual currency (the "Stars") to encourage your favorite streamers, and the platform earns a commission each time you buy "Stars".

As Mixer did with Ninja, Facebook Gaming has already approached many streamers by offering large sums of money to attract them to the new platform. Compared to what most of these platforms offer, Facebook Gaming makes it easier for mobile players to share their games live thanks to the "Go Live" function. This option should work on iOS and Android.

Now to see if Facebook Gaming can compete with Twitch once the curiosity has passed. As a reminder, when Mixer stole the Ninja streamer from Twitch, its audience followed during the first weeks, however Twitch did not feel big changes in the long term.