Fallout 76 is undoubtedly the most complete opus of the saga allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and the universe of the license. To celebrate E3, you can play for free Fallout 76 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for a week. You will be able to discover the entire game (updates included) to get started on the adventure.

Bethesda has uploaded a special page to grab the game on each console:

Play Fallout 76 for free

Fallout 76 – It’s time to rebuild America

Three years ago, at E3 2018 in Los Angeles, Bethesda announced Fallout 76. More than 20 years after the first installment of the famous series, the studio continued to develop the license. With this new opus, the universe and the atmosphere of the cult saga would be offered in a whole new online experience.

This new turn was unfortunately accompanied by difficulties, and the studio reacted very quickly.

Guided by player feedback, Bethesda has since released seven major updates to correct shortcomings in the game and meet the will of fans.

The biggest update, named Wastelanders (available since April 2020), was released as a result of main player demand; charismatic NPCs and finely written quests in line with previous games have been added.
Fallout 76 updates

The game is now complete for lovers of online games in cooperation with other players, and for lovers of solo experiences. Internet connection is still required, but you can do all the quests in the game on your own as if you were playing a new Fallout installment. Of course, teaming up with other players will always be a big advantage. The wasteland remains dangerous.

Fallout 76

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Starting today, you can download and play all of Fallout 76 for free until June 16. To take advantage of it, simply go to the publisher’s official website, on the page dedicated to this free week.

To take advantage of it, it’s here:

Play Fallout 76 for free